Typo Home in Stockholm

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This home in Elle Decor really caught my eye. I'm big on Typography in homes. And this home is really all about that. So much typography, that too all neat & yet it isn't an overkill. Kenneth Kvarnstrom, choreographer and artistic director for the House of Dance in Stockholm whose home this is said "I'm quite a minimal person, so I just wanted to create a simple functional living space that was easy to clean"

"Frames images are simple pieces of text found by Kenneth. "Framing them individually and in squares is an easy way to create a big feature out of small details." wow, neat.
"As Kenneth travels frequently, he has created an easy access system to store his maps, money and tickets out of tins he picked up in a NewYork Flea Market."
"While on tour Kenneth and his colleagues compete to find the cheapest 40's and 50's style vases. Featured here are some of his favourites"
"Kenneth's fondness for street signs is evident in these old french ones he found in Paris. "

"The walls and the floor of the kitchen have been painted white by Kenneth. "I call it my light therapy room. It puts me in a good mood while I eat my breakfast". An enormous Kryptonite clock (almost a metre in diameter) dominates the cooking area.
All images & text from Elle Decor.

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