Reza Abedini

Friday, October 17, 2008

I 1st saw Reza Abedini's work in an issue of Gallerie and I have found it tough to forget the imagery since. Its great graphic design, typography & arabic calligraphy all rolled into each piece if art. Irresistible. Unforgettable. Genius.

"Reza Abedini is one of Iran's foremost graphic designers and calligraphy artists. Prolific in poster design, he has simultaneously designed posters, books, magazines and logos in his inimitable style. "

"Calligraphy has been an important branch of art among Islamic cultures. The Quran has said that the eternally protected word must be respected, as it expresses the destiny of all creatures from the beginning of time to the very end. To Iranians, calligraphy is a manifestation of human spirituality, as 'pure writing' was considered to originate from a pure heart."

'Reza Abedini's works are image oriented and in several of them, the words are not meant to be read and are used more as textural imagery. Since the words are derived from speech, he hopes viewers hear whispers of the words in his images. As the British scholar and teacher of penmanship once said, "In calligraphy, all rules must give way to truth and freedom."'

All images are from and some of the text is from Gallerie, Vol19, 2006

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