Thursday, October 02, 2008

This post is going to be about fellow bloggers and how I am constantly inspired and sustained by their creativity and appreciation. It began with Bhumika of 'A space of my own' giving me my 1st ever blogging award :) Happiness! When I read her post I checked out creative Megha Punater's brilliant blog 'Arth and Nitya'. It had been a while since I saw her blog & I was floored by her all her recent posts. From there I happened upon this gem called 'Gheehappy' . Ghee Happy (what a kickass name!) is a site/brand that demystifies and popularises Hindu mythological Gods & makes them accessible and approachable with its fresh, irreverent and friendly take on them.

Actually it is only natural that 'happy' follows ghee and is part of the brand name, because its impossible to see & read gheehappy with a straight face. Grinning becomes mandatory and involuntary.
I have never seen a cuter Shiva. Not to be missed is his description in The Little Book of Hindu Dieties.
Please click to see/read the description. It is something else :)

The concept and all the illustrations are by the very talented Sanjay Patel.
free downloads/screen savers
They also have a cutie kiddie Tshirts Range- this is brilliant!!
Closing with my most favourite illustration
Isn't he a complete darling- scribbling away with his little tusk :)

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