Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I've been tagged. And to my embarrassment have figured that I can't write about myself with half the ease that I write my regular posts. Confession: for inspiration I have scoured some half a dozen blogs to figure how they've done theirs. I even apologised to fellow blogger Angie of Studio Wellspring who tagged me, for taking my time with this. Angie is a Hugely talented designer who also loves dancing is quite the tango dancer. Do check her happening blog here- one never knows what she's going to post about next.
Ok the rules/nitty gritty (??!!) of the game are : link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog. share seven random and/or weird things about yourself. tag seven people[ideally- if not the sky wont come crashing down :)] at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here's my random list about me -
Im a sunlight junkie- can't get enough of it. I can walk in the sun ALL day- if I had the time. I actually dislike the rains because there is not enough sun then.
I also love walking- so much, that I end up wearing sneakers half the time cause- there's no substitute to being comfortable :)

These are pics I took one evening on my way back from a shoot (film city- goregaon)

This in turn dictates my wardrobe- what goes with sneakers? Jeans and t shirts? well what can I say... I seem to have got my dress sense bottoms up! Not to forget my rucksack into which EVERYTHNG goes, my books, my camera and even a spare top and sandals in case I go out at night ;) I've even created a design called 'sneaker freaker' (yes, those are my legs! :))I have a fantasy- that a day will come when I have LOADS of time- to walk the streets of the city I live in- to take the many beautiful pictures it makes, to walk into a theatre and catch a movie- just because I HAVE time... what a concept! And I swear I'll spend an entire day just taking pictures of railway stations, I find them limitlessly exciting.

Im a contrast girl- fusion child. I love contrasts and drama & extremes. Which means the pictures I take has LOADS of it. (Which also means I love evening light) which means I can like 2 very different things at the same time. Mix and match- works for me. Fonts and typography are a thing with me. There's something about the power of a letter- classically well formed or roughly written or drawn with long strokes. Fonts are like symbols, simple to look at maybe, but laden with meaning. Latent with potential. Put together in the right way they can convey with magic most things on gods earth. I LOVE antique Indian jewellery. Pure eyecandy- with a generous dose of history. That’s an irresistable combination.When I take pictures ( And I take a LOT of them) they are invariably angles and straight lines. Very few people if at all and no flowers whatsoever. (God knows what that says of me! something I'm not sure I want to know...) And talking of photography, guys, Im looking to upgrade- and am debating between an SLR ( never used one before) and maybe the latest in the non-SLR point and shoot options. Can't make up my mind. Please feel free to advice me on this- Infact I'm asking, so do put down your take on it.

I'm happy to tag Calie of Nohea Lookbook, Peggy of CreativeInfluences, Sas of Interior Inspiration, Roma of DesignFlute and Masala Chai all of who are wonderfully warm & inspiringly creative people I've had the fortune to meet post blogging :)

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