Ayan Ghosh's book friendly homes

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Its finally pouring cats and dogs in Bombay & its raining home tours on my blog. And this ones long due. Ayan Ghosh, one of my readers sent me pictures of his beautiful homes across countries quite a long time back & it is only now that I have gotten around to posting them. What caught my eye was how the home was a testimony of the family's love for books. The Ghosh's have a beautiful collection of antique furniture that travels with them, so keep your eyes peeled for the detailing.
This is what Ayan says about his home/s: "We spent a decade living in South East Asia and travelling to a number of countries; and our home, which my wife and I share with our 3 year old son, my parents and uncle, definitely displays traces of our sojourns. The other point that distinguishes our home - I think - is that we have been constantly adapting, and have now integrated the furniture of three generations and households (my grandparents, parents and ourselves) in to a flat"

What do I say, each piece, whether it is the mirror, the dining table or the cubboard, is a piece of art.
That screen behind the sofa is such a neat piece of craftmanship.
The Ghosh family's living room in in Saigon

Books and cds must be the most insightful form of decor, it speaks about you and your tastes like nothing else.
I love the way the ceramic collection has been dispalyed to perfection in their different homes.

All the photographs have been sent to me in lots by Ayan Ghosh.

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