Runjhun Jain's Art - on cushions.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I am privileged in my friends. In their art, in their madness, in their talent. What began as a regular working afternoon was transformed, when Runjhun told me her cushions have come. Like 2 excited girls we touched the fabric, exclaimed over the stitches & I was sounding like a broken record "This is brilliant Runjhun! My god, look at this! You have any idea how talented you are!" I will stop being OTT and show you pictures we shot of her cushions, running from room to room, seeing if they worked better on the floor, on her sofas or on her bed. And styling becomes a cakewalk when you have a backdrop as interesting as her home is.

"easy, quirky, honest. that’s how i’d describe my illustrations. from my childhood to now, i’ve continued spilling my head out on all kinds of surfaces; paper, steel cupboards, walls and more paper. so after filling endless sheets with my doodle-art, i decided to take them to a new medium - fabric." Runjhun Jain (the absense of capitals in this para is not a coincidence, she is in love with lowercase)
"i was sure i didn't want to simply transfer my drawings as line prints on to cloth, that for me didn't complete the step over to a new medium. i wanted to explore cloth – with textures, embroidery styles, stitches and still retain the madness and innocence of my art. like, I wanted the finger to follow the eye following my lines." Runjhun Jain
To see the original illustration from where this cushion came click here.

See the original illustration here.
And like me if you are dying to see the original work to see how its been taken to the next level, see most of her illustrations here.
"With ‘dori’ work, ‘chawal taanka’, appliqué etc., I managed to make my characters almost come alive, right here on the cushions. Each cushion has been worked upon by kaarigars on my original line work – that I recreated for them on the tracings. It was fun to step into this new world and i learnt constantly." Runjhun Jain

Regular readers of this blog must already be familiar with her work. And if you are not or you need to jog your memory, you can read more about Runjhun and her work here, here & read a nice interview of her here. And most importantly if you want to buy her cushions you can write to her at

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