They Draw and Cook

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Food is a passion and so is art. So what happens when these two come together? This ones for each one of you who cooks & draws. I can draw, but cooking... well lets just say, if I have someone else do the cooking for me I'm the happiest. But for all you talented chefs and artists out there, this is a website you MUST see. I spied it on the lovely Dithi Chakraborthy's Facebook. They Draw and Cook is a website where you can contribute your recipe in artistic form - draw it, design it whatever. Have fun!

And so what if whats cooking is not food but food for fun- Play dough! :)

Its amazing how each of these pieces are imbued in the spirit of the food and the artist. Such interesting cuts to our favourite foods.

A generous dose of whimsy and good weather is what brings this salad together.
And if you are thirsting for more of these ingenious recepies & drawings, click here.

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