Loose Ends

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A little store tucked in a little lane in Bandra, Loose Ends has the charm of an idea that works. I’ve been here quite a few times. Each time when I had to make sure the gift had to be different. As you browse through the small shop, your face won’t stop smiling. Each object you pick has an ingrained quirk. And engages.
All it took Madhumita Goswami was 5 years as a media professional (with the Times of India & LeoBurnett) to figure out this was not what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. (Smart girl she!) This decision + a creative bent of mind + friends who shared her vision (the likes of Agnello Dias- no less) made Loose Ends happen. So what we have is a store full of ideas in the shape of a Bhagat Singh-cushion, a urinal-ashtray, a lunch carrier-lamp .... this isn't working. You are better off seeing the pictures. Thank god for cameras...

Cushions can become art. The aforementioned 'Bhagat Singh cushion' next to which is an Indian poster art inspired creation. And 'side BY side' is the best gift you can give your friend who is about to get married.

A barrel shaped ice bucket & a bottle shaped photo frame

This one just cracked me up! Shot glasses with gun toting "Daaku's" (Hindi for dacoits) on them. Superb!
Coasters with local train station names. These are made from photographs of the originals.
Let me introduce you to 'Zipper coconuts' These coconuts zip open & make for the sexiest gift wrapping/packaging. In Indian coconuts are big on auspicious occasions. This coming diwali, put a tiny Ganesh idol in this cushioned in marigolds & no one will forget this gift in a hurry!
The star attraction! The Indian loo ashtray.
A tiny iron- a miniature of the original, with a flip open lid. Tip in your ash in place of hot coals.
We are Filmy!! Typical and vintage Hindi film posters make for great kitschy art on walls.
Love this blue bottle lamp!
Loose Ends also keeps these funky cups from funky guys called 'Happily Unmarried' click here to know about this concept. Its hilarious! and highly recommended reading :)

Coffee mugs for history enthusiasts. Printed with old lithographs of Bombay these make brilliant keepsakes for all who feel proud of 'Amchi Mumbai' (Local term for 'Our Mumbai')These are traditional ceramic jars (Bharnis) which was used to store pickles & provisions. Trays & interesting colour pencil coasters.
Darling little ceramic umbrella fridge magnets

Its not that they don't keep pretty stuff. They do. Loads of it.
Dressy purses in Indian brocade fabrics.
Beautliful tea light holders that can be hooked on to the wall. I love these.

Loose Ends has a neatly designed site which also makes for an entertaining read.

I don't know if you'll noticed but all the products had a brand of humour that was distinctly Indian and this is not happenstance. In a time when contemporary & 'cool' decor ideas are usually 'from US' "from Bangkok' or 'made in China' , Loose Ends is 100% Indian. And Madhu feels proud of keeping it that way.

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