Artnlight coming to Delhi, to An Indian Summer & Serendipity

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

From the time I have started making products, I have only heard one thing, "you must go to Delhi". And the time has come. When Bhavna Bhatnagar of the very popular AnIndianSummer wrote to me and told me about the gorgeous store Serendipity set in a beautifully restored Haveli, I knew I was on. For many reasons - that this was a chance to meet Bhavna whose blog I have read for years now and who I 'know' as well as one would know a friend, through the internet and through the countless emails we bloggers have exchanged on various occasions. The store Serendipity itself was another huge reason. What a gracefully done place. With its aqcua painted windows and blue doors and expansive courtyard, that this will once again be a chance to meet upclose & interact with some of India's most talented and entrepreneurs and designers. But the unexpected bonus will be musical evenings, I can just imagine the night lights strung on trees going on along with the musical notes of Hindustani classical. I really can't wait to be there.

All of you in Delhi, definitely save the date & do come. We've waited a really looong time for something like this to happen, I would be delighted to meet all of you who will make it. You will also get to meet the face behind AnIndianSummer. In the beautious setting of Serendipity which is a place I'm just dying to see myself. Plus many more. Watch this space for more details of who are showing in this curated event. This is just the 1st post and watch this space for more. Do consider this as a personal invitation to all readers of this blog.
  The dates are: September 27th - 28th
At Serendipity's lovely haveli at Chattarpur, New Delhi
Come anytime between 11:00am till 9:00pm

The performances happen from 06:30pm till 08:00pm
Click on the facebook invite right here
And this is the event page - just hit up the join button & come :)

All images are by Bhavna Bhatanagar of AnIndianSummer

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