**NEW** Art&Light Arabic Calligraphy Range.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I have a thing for the written word, something written with beautifully formed letter forms, for me is a visual enough. For the same reason, I'm a huge fan of how Islam uses the written word as ornament. Islamic calligraphy is iconic and I have such a tremendous respect and love for the way they use it in the decor of their monuments. And so here are my trays which are a tribute to this art form.

And yes I have Mugs too :) :) And this time I just tripped on the design a bit. Each mug is different. I will ofcourse choose 1 or 2 and stick to that. It will be a logistical nightmare to retain all 4 designs. But I can share my process with you right? Here's a dekko.
These products are not yet on artnlight's online store. But they will soon be. Please wait for the announcement. 
And there's more. So stay tuned :)
This collection will be at my exhibition in Delhi, Here is the event invite,
Click on the 'going' button and COME :) Looking forward to meeting all of you.
On the 27th & 28th September, Serendipity, Chattarpur. New Delhi.

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