Santosh Jain's Amor Fati

Thursday, September 18, 2014

An entrepreneur's life can teach you many things. A BIG lesson is that there are only 24 hours in a day and one need to prioritize and get the important things done. That life has been very busy here is an understatement. My team and me are busy gearing up for the festive season & the new artnlight collection that will be launched at anIndian Summer & Serendipity's exhibition in Delhi, this coming September 27& 28th. In getting what needs to be done, there are many many things that I love that don't get done.  From that long list there is one that I'm going to just do just now, irrationally, because the artist and her work & my regard for it commands it. And because if even a couple of people in Delhi get to see this exhibition which I am dying to go for in Delhi, before the 20th September because of this post, this post is well worth it.
Santosh Jain is an artist, a much felicitated and awared artist. Her current solo show of Digital works, is titled ‘Amor Fati’ or ‘love of one’s fate’ is an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in life, including suffering and loss, in a positive light. It’s a philosophy that resonates in Santosh’s fearless attitude towards her life and her art.
What is interesting is how strongly conceptual and above and beyond the realm of merely digital cut paste pretty Santosh Jain's work is. What is interesting is the strong narratives she creates by juxtaposing her own photography with iconic images by great painters, with a sense of responsibility. What is interesting is that she is 65 years old and has recently after retirement taught herself the digital medium and using the digital camera. That she very quickly found her voice in the medium and expresses it masterfully is evident in the stories and atmospheric pieces that come together and create this 'Amor Fati'

All art lovers in Delhi whose interest in piqued by this, you have 2 more days to catch it live, and maybe a chance to interact with the artist herself.
And for all of us who do not live in Delhi, and want to see more of her work, do check this pinterest link.

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