Art&Light's New Diwali Collection - a sneak peek

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The days are once again ruled by the tyranny of endless to-do lists. As many as you cross off triumphantly, more crop up in gleeful defiance. It is an exhibition, that too in another city, logistics, deadlines, endless following up, haggling for time with everyone who works with you, the excitement of seeing your vision translate into reality, packaging, should I add tags? what about display? How much do I pack? Among all these concerns, the day you shoot your products, is a welcome respite. You let everything wait while you see what you've created through your camera - does it make the cut? Does it shoot well? For me - it is always a different experience seeing my products with my eyes & then seeing their images. Some products are more photogenic than others. This one needs more love - the colour needs to be brighter - maybe more saturated? And some surprise you - this works! Seeing a picture of something can give you perspectives your naked eye can't. Does it work that way for you as well?
Sharing a few 'teaser' pics of what will be Art&Light's New Diwali Collection 2014

Stay tuned, will share more pics and the new collection over the next few posts.
Meantime do check out AnIndianSummer for all the hot news and exciting designers lined up for the Exhibition that will happen at Serendipity, Delhi. The dates are 27th & 28th September. 
Have you signed up for the event yet?

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