Saudades, Goa

Saturday, October 27, 2007

This is the last of my treasures from the Goa chest till I go back again. And this happened only because Archana from Rangdecor posted about Sangolda. On the drive to the hotel I saw it and got all excited and my colleague informed me that next to it is Saudades which is also a lifestyle store. More excitement. On my last day in Goa after the conference, me and a senior colleague trooped off with our cameras. Travelling with fellow art people has innumerable advantages. The biggest being you don't have to feel like a freak for looking at the world only through the camera and you are not called upon to make conversation to make up for non-social behaviour.
Saudades turned out to be a place filled with the grace and antiques that belong to another era. Unfortunately no clicking was allowed inside, so these here are the pictures of the facade and whatever else i could get.

But what excites me about this post more than these pictures or what i saw is when i read up on Saudades before posting. "FERNANDO PESSOA said "all Portuguese carry within them a certain nostalgia for the grandeur of the past. This bitter sweet melancholy a part of everyday life is known as "SAUDADES" a pain that you enjoy, a pleasure from which you suffer."

"All of us, who search for common roots,
who are endowed with a primordial
spirit that harkens back to our lost innocence
and beckons us to reach out to one another.
When the spirit calls, we feel saudades.
Temos saudades. We have saudades"
To read the rest of this beautiful poem click here.

What an apt name then for a store that is actually a beautiful old Indo-Portugese manor and lets you take home a piece of priced history.

Here's where the goodies started and my camera was stopped. Saudades keeps most amazing and unique antique furniture from across India.

What a beautiful quirky way to display these amazing old garden chairs.

This image inside the store is from their site.
A peep at some amazing fabrics they keep.

I may not be into gold jewellery, but i know a good thing when I see it. Gorgeousnes!!!

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