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Sunday, October 07, 2007

I had no intention of posting today. But I got this happy-making mail from Barbara McMahon- and I read it with increasing excitement- guys..., 'artnlight' has just got its 1st mention by a fellow blogger. (You can read what she says about this blog here). And that too along with bloggers like 'an indian summer' which has just about the best eyecandy around & ' how about orange' a blog that I'm a regular reader of & hugely admire.

Barbara's blog 'may december home' is about recycling vis-a-vis junking. And in her own words "If you want to turn useless junk into really cool stuff, if you want to make your home a little nicer without asking too much of the planet or your bank account, this is the place for you.." - She also has a store that sells her 'finds' where she fixes, and sometimes completely reworks used things and gives them a new life so they can be used again. What a phenomenal idea and vision for a store!

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