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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Its the days before an exhibition, everything is hectic, the lists are endless till you reach a point of- 'beyond this whatever drops, drops'.  After my 1st exhibition in Ahmedabad, I unconsciously swore to myself, no out of Bombay exhibitions. It was crazy. Why would anyone do this? Pack all your stuff, which is humungous - Ok, a public confession - from the time I started shipping my stuff I became completely envious of fashion designers and people who design and deal in fabric. Its light, it folds, you can roll it - it wont break or chip if it falls, it is fairly unharmable in the face of merciless cargo dealers who think nothing of hurling cartons. So back to where I was - who would voluntarily take their stuff to another city? Figure out your accomodation, figure out your helper's/colleagues accomodation, book tickets, and the worst is the call you need to take on how much to carry. What will sell, what won't. Because you are interstate, you can't exactly run back to your studio and pick up extras that are selling well. And won't you look like a mammoth fool if you land up with too much stock? Or too less. And yet, here I am. Going through it all once again. I tell myself I would do this only for Delhi. I have heard so much about how much I 'should' go to Delhi, that its literally coming out of my ears :) So here I am. Packed, or over packed - depends on the way you look at it, ready to be headed out.
Happy to share with all of you the vintage part of the Artnlight Diwali Collection 2014. 
I have been wanting to try out this colour scheme for ages. This time it just came together.

Need to share a few more designs. I have designed cushion covers as well this time. But have not yet shot them. Soon, very soon they will be on the online shop. Stay tuned. And please don't go. There is much coming up. 
Meantime, all the people in Delhi who read this blog, do mark your calenders and come over to Serendipity, to shop this collection and much more. You will see all the popular artnlight designs out in FULL array. You will get to meet the dynamic Bhavna Bhatnagar whose An Indian Summer is organising the event. Plus you will get to meet a whole bunch of phenomenally talented designers & entrepreneurs. Chandan Dubey and her very exciting new line of Stools and tables and trunks will be on show. Looking forward to meeting you all, in person.

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