Potato Bird's art

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I discovered 'PotatoBird' when I was doing some browsing on Trunkt. What a phenomenal site that is. And When I saw this work I just stopped dead in my tracks. As it is I dig type & I like work thats graphic & then to see this was to see it all coming together so beautifully. After some digging I figured Shelly who is a mixed media artist makes them."I incorporate vintage and repurposed materials into my art, breathing new life into these once loved, now unwanted and forgotten, elements. Of particular interest are humorous and thoughtful vintage photos showing people enjoying life. They're a wonderful reminder that we all need a little perspective once in a while!" she says in her blog.

Where is she?- she said she'd be here
paper butterflies
Its hot outside
Voices of Spring
No one to push me
No Rush
Skyward bound

Good Year girl
See all of her work on her Etsy and her Trunkt accounts. Its a real treat.

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