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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I felt I had reached some kind of magical personal paradise when I saw Debi Treloars interior/still life photography for the 1st time. I mean, these images were the visuals which I wanted to see, the moods that I imagined in my head. And then to see her work was like, OMG- it exists! already! I HAD to know more about the person who was creating/capturing this work. I was shown this by my trusted friend Riddhi Desai whom I have now been urging to blog for a while now, I always come away enriched by her rich and seemingly endless art house treasures.
And now for for some full throttle Debi Treloar magic.
I could live my life in this room, with the sunlight filtering in, with my plants & with the outdoors indoor.
"Originally from Zimbabwe, Debi studied art then photography. She has lived and worked in London for the last 15 years. Debi has worked on publications ranging from Elle Décor UK, Italy, Germany, France and Japan to Red, Olive and IDFX Magazine and recently photographing John Torode and James Martin for the BBC."
Further back in the same room. I want to be here!
Ivy dreams
Ivy power
blue & light sill, sitting pretty with interesting jars & a dash of whimsy
This room is so crazy, calm & zen all together. Its the kind of room that will demand one to be their higher self just to live here.

"Debi’s photographs are brilliant still lives. She only uses natural light when shooting, which cuts down the time available to her even more."

And if all this magic were not enough, there's Typo here! yes kill me further.

I could frame this, put it on my wall & live with it for another 20 years
This is pure art
And what IS the meaning of this floor! Just look at it.
Do click on this picture to see a larger version & really feel the magic of the light in this kitchen.
"Debi has recently returned from a six month sabbatical in Kenya where she and her family lived in a beach house. She was anxious to give something to her children that they would remember forever. Her two children spent their days catching fish and taking advantage of the freedom."
It is my privilege to have seen her work & featured her here on this blog.

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