House of MG, Ahmedabad

Monday, December 26, 2016

Yes, the travel stars are shining bright. Blogging live from Ahmedabad where I am today. What does it mean when every single person whose opinion matters recommends a place? What does it mean to create and deliver an experience so consistently that diverse people across ages and professions recommend you, without blinking. House of MG is one such institution in Ahmedabad which has just about everyone raving about it. That it is the pride of the Amdavadi goes without saying. Atop this lovingly maintained hotel is their restaurant 'Agashiye' where we lunched today. The thali is healthy, yummy, and where it wins is that it all tastes home made. And the service is gracious, loving and will always urge you with a smile to take that one extra roti and yes, not having 'ghee' with your khichdi, is just not an option.
Agashiye and House of MG is all about old world hospitality, from the milton tiled floors to the lovingly polished wood with its gleaming brass fittings. There are many little visual delights scattered across this lovingly restored 20th century propery, be it an interestingy shaped mirror cluster or an antique carved wooden Kamadhenu.

The charming mirrors in the restroom.

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