The year of the RED POLKA

Sunday, January 01, 2017

It was the beginning of 2016 and Artnlight got associated with Red Polka. Red Polka is a platform for creative entrepreneurs, they are story tellers and curators. What I really liked about Redpolka was one, the genuineness of the people and two, their real passion for their work, which reflected in the  beautiful and sometimes quirky choice of venues and the interesting offline exhibitions and events they curated and put together, always making for an enriching experience. The team was always patient, and some of them have even become friends over the course of the year. That the founder Vishakha Singh is always present with an ever attentive eye the proceedings, always ready and available to solve any issue that might crop up, hand in hand with her team is not just commendable but also one of the important reasons why Red Polka as a company is growing steadily. And as in all exhibitions, the added bonus is always the time and opportunity we get to meet and connect with fellow entrepreneurs.
I cannot say bye to 2016 without thanking the entire team at Red Polka.

 Blink Jewellery by Charmi Chedda
The Red Polka Show in Amethyst, Chennai
The Amethyst is a place I have always been fond of and even featured here on Artnlight. So when the Red  Polka team said that we will be showing there - it was a quick yes!

 What's not to love about a space where the display stands stood right alongside gorgeous antique carved tigers and elephants

 Chinanshu Sharma and her Paarisha
After we started our journey together, this was the second time I was showing in an event with my close friend Riddhi Desai's darling brand TinyFarm Studio
Wish all of you a Happy Spanking New 2017.
May we have the courage to just go out and do all the things we have really wanted to do. 

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