Neutral Colour

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I don't realise how strong on colour I am. And it so turns out that I've got a whole load of references and eye candy in no-colour. The neutral: the comforting, the 'bring anything on, I'll hold it' colour, the 'I can even be be beautiful on my own colour', the 'I don't need colour' colour. There is an innate sense of control, calm & elegance in this palette.

A very light touch of yellow in a cushion
Or a tiny blue ceramic cup is the only colour here

Love these black framed silhouettes

And the collection of framed shells in this bathroom
What a huge & gorgeous candle stand
Love these sea horse sculptures
white ceramics....
Leather and logs....

....And these gorgeous black n white globes
are all amazing accesories in neutral colour.
Images from House Beautiful, Getty images, and the various blogs I love to check out

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