A Leafy home in Bangalore

Saturday, March 14, 2009

There are some people in your life who make you feel fortunate for just having met them. You feel you've have done some good to merit their presence in your life. Chitra Vishwanathan for me is one such person. She is like sunshine in the room, one of the most honest, confident & inspiring women I've ever met. The sheer amount of energy & enthusiasm she brings to the room & everything she does, is something you need to experience 1st hand to believe. She used to be a fellow art director & colleague & then she moved cities & went back to Bangalore from where she came. She now teaches a bunch of rather fortunate kids at Bangalore's Wigan & Leigh College. It's good to have a teacher who can be an inspiration to you.
I shot her house in snatches at night & early morning after she packed her kids off to school. So these are rather hurriedly taken pics of a beautiful home & in this case an excuse to write about Chiti on my blog.

The simple but beautiful neatral tones in the living area. I really liked this olive rough finished centre table, with french poster art coasters.

Her book shelf. Both Chitra & Srikanth are voratious readers.
A close up of the book shelf with some chinese crockery on it.
Framed Madhubani on her walls
I liked this angle and the way this mirror reflects the entrance of her home.
An antique umbrella stand reflects the opposite wall with Chitra's mask collection
Little farm figurines on a side table.

Another book shelf with a beautiful mirror above it reflecting a yellow wall with black n white photographs.
A collection of interesting glassware atop the bar cabinet.
Chitra's dining table
The entrance to the home
The guest bedroom with its antique bed
A lot of framed Toulouse Lautrec poster art among others.
A black and white framed madhubani hangs above an interesting lamp placed on an 'wheel' wrought iron stand
Part of Chitra's lively kitchen. The fridge holds memoirs from Chitra's travels to various countries.
A beautiful cookie Jar from France.
The guest bathroom has figurines from South East Asia...
....cats & perfumes
...and african themed knick knacks
I especially loved this 'shoe' planter & the tall metal figures
Chitra has always told me that all her interior decor attempts ended at buying 'one more' plant. She loves her plants & they grace her kitchen...
...and her green-house garden
Where plants of every hue and type flourish
Chitra is the one person responsible for plants in my home
And you can see why.
Her balcony where a Rajashthani chair sits amidst pots and pots of lush greenery.
And here is a piece of interesting information: Chitra & Shrikanth are looking to sell this house, so anyone who likes the look of it can write in & be sure I'll pass the message :)

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