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Sunday, November 04, 2012

It was mom's birthday and we had friends over. Its been a long time since we had so may people coming  and preparing for it really felt like a festival. And with Diwali round the corner, we got out the lamps and polished them up. And remember this post I made about Paper Source? I had picked up a few gorgeous papers from there & got them framed just for the lark, as an experiment. And since they came in the last minute I didn't get any guy to drill holes & nails on the wall to hang them up. So they were just propped up on the floor, I was cringing, but what the hell, all those who came over were close friends and this was no sit-down dinner. All of us had a great time & the next morning, I just loved the light through my applique worked yellow curtains, and after ages I took pictures of my home. 

 I have a habit of turning double bedsheets into curtains. That ensures I have a lot more interesting options to choose from.


 I'm in love with the Fish print & can't get enough of it :)
 Till I went to Paper Source, I didn't know wrapping paper can be SO pretty. So really choose very lovingly before you go ahead and frame them.

There's nothing like zooming in to catch the details. This is a very small part of the living room & yet its amazing how the focus makes it look like it is part of a traditional room. Photography really puts the power into your hands, to tell it like you want it. The chatai tray is from my trip to Nagaland.

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