Prashant Varma's Lamp

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Very excitedly sharing with you this gorgeous piece of lighting with you. I knew all the limitless photoviewing and liking and commenting would come to some use some day. Today is that day. I happened to chance upon this piece of art and it was a BOOM moment. What was this??!!! I immediately shot a message to Prashant Varma my 'FB friend' (meaning, apart from FB I don't know Prashant at all) and creator. I asked for a description for this stunner and how he went about making it. Yes. This. Is. Hand made :) And he calls it Flourescentism.
This is what he has to say about this beautiful work of art.
"On festivals I like to keep things close to nature so this Diwali I just thought of making a new lamp. The idea came out of pure need. So I just went through things I have collected over the time and I found this palm tree hoop perfect for the lamp. To contrast to its natural texture and long structure and to add the festive mood I introduced florescent vertical reflective colour strips in the inside. Topped it with circular gold stickers. It shoots light in 180 degrees & illuminates the inside core with glittering colour & gold." Prashant Varma

What I love about Prashant's work is its tactile quality, and the beautiful and unexpected mix of graphic shapes & colours  with completely natural and unassuming textures.
This is so doable and yet SO stylish. Prashant's work is a great example of how much beauty simple experimentation can bring in our daily life as long as we are willing to try it.
This kind of work is very important because it is not done for any commercial purpose but for pure joy. It is an extension of the maker and it is just being and doing and expressing who one is. That this can further be leveraged to produce a profitable line of products comes later. The heart and the source is pure. Like all things creative. It is play.  And its so so important to play. For no reason and to no end.

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