Nilofer Suleman's Show at Art Musings

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It was an evening when the stars shone bright in Art Musings, an art gallery in Colaba. I was horribly late for Nilofer Suleman's show and I rushed in to see my favourite people gathered around the entrance happily chatting. Shilo greeted me with the warmth of a long lost friend and what a fantastic surprise to see the Venkat (Vijaya, Anju & Navina) clan in full strength. I will tell you more about them, but 1st Nilofer Suleman's paintings were on the walls giving everyone there tough competition. 
Every art lover in town much just head to Colaba, Art Musings, for it is not often that you will get to see a Nilofer Suleman in full glory, up-close and personal and you can spend hours in front of each painting and take in the the humour, the well observed details and it takes being in front of her painting to appreciate the quirk quotient of this country :) We are killer :) And we have Nilofer Suleman, now try and beat that.

I love this picture of Shilo's. She looks like that the young girl that she is :)
I was delighted to meet the Venkats at the show and what a small world it is! Nilofer and Navina were friends from college and Navina is Shilo's god mother.  
 Dr.Vijaya Venkat is a pioneer in the the field of nutrition and is directly responsible for more and more people of my generation choosing to live a more conscious life and eating right and eating fresh. If we become a healthier country 20 years from now, which we will, we will have this woman to thank. She has founded The Health Awareness Centre, which is doing some amazing and relentless work in the field of health and nutrition.
While Shilo played the solicitous host to perfection, her friends and well wishers were present and I had the good fortune to meet the very gracious and young Avijit Michael, whom I have wanted to congratulate ever since i saw this video.
So everybody do head to Art Musings to catch Nilofer Suleman's work which is on for a whole month.
This is the  map to the place.

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