The Blue Matsya, a charming beach house.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

There are vacations and there are vacations. In some you want to get out there, see, soak, explore. Then its about putting on your shoes and walking and taking it all in, with or without your camera. Some vacations are about being with friends and that can be just about anywhere and you don't really care because its about the people and not the place. And sometimes, you just want to be. You don't want to do. When you want to let your hair down and just walk quietly; silence and the people with you on such a vacation become very important. The Blue Matsya is a place that's a perfect setting for this kind of a break. There is a quiet warmth about this place that doesn't intrude into any part of you. It is comfortable in its skin and it lets you be. It doesn't try too hard, no loud decor, no intrusive staff, nothing commercial anywhere close, and you step out into miles and miles of a pristine beach. There is a light house you can walk upto & the stunning panoramic view from the top with the wind whipping up your hair is something that's better experienced rather than explained.
 "It gets its name from its Blue louvered doors and windows and the abundance of Matsya (sanskrit for fish). The Blue Matsya is just a 40-min drive from Mangalore (Bajpe) Airport."
 The Blue Matsya has a lot of lovingly put together, hand- done personal touches, the mat is handpainted by the owner, and so is the graphic bird on the pantry door. The tree mural outside the home with encrusted crystals is also hand painted.

 The Kitchen is well equipped to cook entire meals and we fixed a lot of our own food when we were there. The caretakers, a sweet old couple, can bring in fresh and yummy home cooked meals if you are a fan of local mangalorean food. There are options of home ordering as well.

 "The living area has a double futon and two single futons that can sleep 4 people, the bedrooms each can sleep 2 people. The Blue Matsya can happily accommodate 8 people at any time."

 "There are two good sized bedrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor with its own private terrace. Both bedrooms have their own bathrooms – large and tastefully accessorized. The bedrooms are each provided with their own linen and towels."

That brings me to the sea, we went in July and the seas were really choppy and we were advised to not go far in, swimming was definitely out of question.
If you want to book the place and for a lot more detailed information visit their FB about page. To see a lot many more pictures click here. If you liked it feel free to 'like' their page and spread the word.

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