Khotachi Wadi, Mumbai.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking for Kotachiwadi with my friend felt like looking for the 9&3/4 platform in the muggle world. We knew we were close by but no one seemed to have even heard of it in the neighbouring area. Finally we made some calls to people who would actually know & walked into the unassuming lane which led straight to Mumbai's only heritage village. Yes, this crazy metropolis actually has a heritage village. Lined with quaint bunglows built in the Portuguese style architecture. Handpainted fences, intricate railings, mosaic tiled walls sprinkled with bougainvillea speak of an unhurried way of living which makes it all the more precious in a 24x7 city like Bombay. Speaking of unhurried, most of the inhabitants are senior citizens of the east Indian community (though now Gujarati's and Marwadi's are moving in as well).

Willy's Felizardo's colourful home in Khotachiwadi. For all those who are curious about it (as I was) do read this beautifully written piece by Anil P of windy skies.
Willy was not home when we went. There was no one & the door was ajar. I could not have not clicked all this colour.

There was an old lady sitting & saying her prayers here.

The sad fact is also that while we admire the peaceful calm at Khotachi wadi & wonder how it manages to survive bang in the middle of land-starved Mumbai it has not been easy to keep it alive. Here are some accounts of what is really happening.

And finally to see some stunning pictures of the place do click here .

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