The Orange Bicycle, Bangalore + artnlight products in it.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Orange Bicycle is this really cool shopping destination in Bangalore and my interactions with them long before they even launched the store. They were sweet enough to call me and book artnlight products well in advance. The Orange Bicycle website says "Orange Bicycle is a space where we bring together a story – a story of the beautiful, the desirable, the fun, the boho, and the chic, the sophisticated and at the same time quirky under one roof" And I couldn't agree more. But more than that, I have been retailing with them for 4 months now & they are the sweetest people to interact with. Great products + great ambience + a good attitude will always take a business places. So here's wishing Orange Bicycle a great future & here's how cool their store looks. I'm personally just tempted to jump into a flight and browse through their gorgeous space. Soon. Till then here are some pictures from their facebook page.
If I walked by something that looked like this, there would be no stopping me from entering the place. And all the green plants in pretty potters outside is by this concept store called 'Green Essence'

I just discovered the amazing Rajboori cushions.
have to love their simple but dramatic style

I just love the way they have displayed my mirrors :)
This Orange Bicycle is not for sale - great display value.

And this has to be my favourite, Orange Bicycle's own products. I love the way this picture is composed and shot.
A lot of people have been asking me if I retail in Bangalore. This is the place, do drop by.

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