Roko's home in Nagaland

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My trip to Nagaland and the way I saw and felt the place would have never been what it was were it not for the people I met there and became friends with. Ritika, Akuk, Roko, Aleanoe and Alum and the fun times we had there, laughing, at everything and nothing. Threading our arms across each other, singing through the streets, they are times I will never forget. And how as I was nearing the end of my 4 day stay there, Roko invited Ritika & me home, I had not expected that. So all of us went 1st in a bus then in a van & walked and climbed for a good 20 minutes before we reached her simple and beautifully kept home.
This home is so special & one of the most beautiful I have seen till date, because everything is neat and aligned. And modest though the material used may be, the owners pride and joy in their home shines through.

The pink flowers outside the window match the curtains and Roko told me that they have different colours each season.
A pink painted plank to carry the colour scheme through and to give a pop to the bench. Ingenious. And while I was taking these still looking pictures, there was mayhem and madness in the background with Akuk's Ritikas & Roko's antics.
My favourite picture out of this entire set. When I saw this I knew I will feature this house on my blog. A cross hangs against a backdrop of painted asbestos. The power of simplicity.

I loved the way it was served, with the spoons angled perfectly to one side & isn't the pink carpet pretty?

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