A break & strolling through South Bombay

Thursday, March 03, 2011

A welcome break from my products and work, for you and me :) When an old friend pops out from your college years and asks you for Sunday with no agenda, you must quickly agree & proceed to have a brilliant afternoon filled with conversation, yummy food and some serious strolling. And if the backdrop is something as gorgeous as South Bombay, you must say yes before even thinking about it.
I love South Bombay's broad roads lined by the most beautiful colonial architecture you will see in the country.

I have worked in this part of town for most of my working life and I miss it like crazy. Beauty like this must be part of your everyday life. It feeds your soul.

The David Sassoon Library is opposite Jehangir art gallery which was such a regular haunt. And that Samovar is shut is something I can't quite get over. I really miss the quaint and charming eatery with its seasonally changing decor and artistic eclectic crowd and its yummy samosas, pakodas and guava juice. Yes there is Moshe's in Fabindia's mezzanine (where we finally went for tea) but Samovar was samovar.

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