My Exhibition in Ahmedabad

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My exhibition at the Nine Lives Exhibition in Ahmedabad was a 1st for me in more ways than one. My 1st exhibition with established designers like Alpana Gujral and Poonam Bhagat. The 1st time I had a stall independently and the 1st time I experienced what it feels like to stand in the middle of all my work in a public forum. It was exhilirating and humbling to field the millions of questions on decoupage, why I do what I do and where I am from. It was interesting to see 1st hand how people reacted to the work, and what they were interested in and what they bought. Sharing a few pictures of the stall and how it all looked.

Can't describe to you the feeling of seeing artnlight like this. This one is for all you who have been following this blog from the time it was born.
I added framed descriptors for my work & what artnlight is about, and 2 more frames about my Rajasthan Series and my Mumbai series.

A closer look at the drawers :)

The descriptor for my Mumbai series below says: "Bombay is the city I grew up in, it is where I learnt all that I know, it is constant inspiration and it is home. Its people, its commitment to work, its enterprise, its opportunity and its idiosyncrasies is what makes this series. I don’t think I will ever stop trying to bring its spirit to life. This is the beginning of my ongoing tribute to the city that fuels a million dreams and is the pride of this country. My tribute to a city that respects its women & gives them a huge canvas and more importantly the freedom to play in it."
An interesting thing happened. Among all the pretty young things that were browsing the stall, there stood an old man looking at this. And he asked me how much it is for. I told him, its not for sale because, it is just a descriptor about why I made the Bombay series. He again repeated that he wants to buy it and asked me to name a price. I named a price and he asked me if I can reduce it, he said he lived in Bombay for 45 years and that he doesn't know if his wife will like it, but he wants to buy it and how much will I sell it for. I sold it to him and it was my most memorable sale of the exhibition :)
When I make one more set of the alphabets LOVE, I will include close up of the poetry by Vikram Seth on it. The letters LOV have Vikram Seth's poems written on them & E has Ellliot :) O has a poem on it called 'Round & round'. Forgive my cheap thrills :)

Got three quick shots of it before it went into the bubble wrap and off with the person who bought it.

I saw so many mothers & fathers saying their kids would love this. This piece is now in a store called Sagaa Lifestyle in Ahmedabad.
And for all those who asked where you can buy them, you can write to me on Some of these products will be shipped to about to be launched in shops in Surat & Bangalore. Or look for them in Loose Ends (Bandra, Bombay) and Orange bicycle (Bangalore) by the 1st week of next month.

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