A beautiful duplex home in Bangalore

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is one house I never thought I'd get to see much less cover here on my blog. I had heard through Chitra that Tasneem's mom's home is a beautiful one. A chance shoot in Bangalore with Tasneem who is a Creative Director with Lowe gave me just the opportunity & after the shoot we happened to go over to her place. I HAD to cover it! It was so elegantly and artistically put together. Not surprising considering I know Tasneem who is a creative powerhouse & from what I'd heard, her mom was a hugely talented person herself. And then to see this beautiful home, it all falls in place. Your home says so much about who you are and where you come from.
Outside the home is a sign that announces the home of 'Ahmedali & Amina'. Calligraphy that Tasneem got done in Turkey outside a mosque.
Antique chinaware at the entrance
A set of colourful glass jars from Africa
The elegantly appointed living room
I was amazed by Amina Aunty's plants, for instance I'd never seen anything like is arrangement.
Family photographs sit pretty on a set of matching wooden stools
Silverware on a marble top and a detail of the armrest of a diwan
Loved this antique wooden shelf
The simple but elegant dining area- thats my tea on the table, while I was running around taking pictures
This has to be my fav colour on gods earth. Do check the log slice clock,
Carved wall piece above the staircase
framed fabric art on the stairway
The stairs lead you to this is the well stocked library. The easy chair beckons you to curl on it with a book.
Amina Aunty's amazing elephant collection. There are various elephants from across the world that dot the house, one in the garden, some among the books, and all the little guys are on this shelf dedicated to them :)
You will find them in all materials- stone, ceramic, glass, wood, metal & crystal
Now comes the interesting part- I was told Amina Aunty was talented, but nothing prepared me for her well stocked work corner, with applique/patchwork studies pinned neatly on her softboard. Just check out the 2 little girls with their large hats walking down the countryside. Do click on the image & you will see the detailing & lace on their frocks, the different printed materials used- kickass.
I told you her work space was well stocked. All that goes behind those pretty (precision) pieces she puts together.
This is another piece done by Amina Aunty- Emerald embroidered silk & patchwork
Now for the stunner, the piece de resistance- This is a quilt that brings together a 100 different types of printed material to make this beautiful work of art.
My poor photography is really killing this, this picture is not a patch on the real thing, each leaf and every petal is a differently printed fabric. It speaks much about the person who made this- taste, detailing, patience, art.
And here is another beautiful aspect of this home. The library opens to this lush & green terrace garden.
There is an abundance of flowers and foliage....
...of every sort, in planters of different shapes & sizes.
rare plants fourish amidst smiling turtles
An old fish curry vessel in a brand new avtar- it now holds & nourishes different plants & becomes a piece of art in the bargain

I told you there were elephants in the garden
I looked up at the sunshade arbitrarily & was rewarded with this sight
As always, I've saved the best for the last. Outside Amina aunty's living room is a beautiful balcony which has this beautiful terraruim with a frog in it. And do look beyond, this is a home where no corner is ignored & nothing is boring.
And just when I was done with the shoot, I turned & saw this angle. There was no way I could have not shot this.

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