Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Leafy home in Bangalore

There are some people in your life who make you feel fortunate for just having met them. You feel you've have done some good to merit their presence in your life. Chitra Vishwanathan for me is one such person. She is like sunshine in the room, one of the most honest, confident & inspiring women I've ever met. The sheer amount of energy & enthusiasm she brings to the room & everything she does, is something you need to experience 1st hand to believe. She used to be a fellow art director & colleague & then she moved cities & went back to Bangalore from where she came. She now teaches a bunch of rather fortunate kids at Bangalore's Wigan & Leigh College. It's good to have a teacher who can be an inspiration to you.
I shot her house in snatches at night & early morning after she packed her kids off to school. So these are rather hurriedly taken pics of a beautiful home & in this case an excuse to write about Chiti on my blog.

The simple but beautiful neatral tones in the living area. I really liked this olive rough finished centre table, with french poster art coasters.

Her book shelf. Both Chitra & Srikanth are voratious readers.
A close up of the book shelf with some chinese crockery on it.
Framed Madhubani on her walls
I liked this angle and the way this mirror reflects the entrance of her home.
An antique umbrella stand reflects the opposite wall with Chitra's mask collection
Little farm figurines on a side table.

Another book shelf with a beautiful mirror above it reflecting a yellow wall with black n white photographs.
A collection of interesting glassware atop the bar cabinet.
Chitra's dining table
The entrance to the home
The guest bedroom with its antique bed
A lot of framed Toulouse Lautrec poster art among others.
A black and white framed madhubani hangs above an interesting lamp placed on an 'wheel' wrought iron stand
Part of Chitra's lively kitchen. The fridge holds memoirs from Chitra's travels to various countries.
A beautiful cookie Jar from France.
The guest bathroom has figurines from South East Asia...
....cats & perfumes
...and african themed knick knacks
I especially loved this 'shoe' planter & the tall metal figures
Chitra has always told me that all her interior decor attempts ended at buying 'one more' plant. She loves her plants & they grace her kitchen...
...and her green-house garden
Where plants of every hue and type flourish
Chitra is the one person responsible for plants in my home
And you can see why.
Her balcony where a Rajashthani chair sits amidst pots and pots of lush greenery.
And here is a piece of interesting information: Chitra & Shrikanth are looking to sell this house, so anyone who likes the look of it can write in & be sure I'll pass the message :)


Kala Pohl Studio said...

It still surprises me when I see homes full of personality. I may not know the people who live there, but the essence of who they are shines through in every carefully selected treasure:):)

Shalini said...

What a great tour! One can really sense the personality of the people living there. I loved the touches of color like the yellow wall and the blue table cloth. The paisley cushions and wrought iron mirror are awesome too.

Patricia Torres said...

What a warm and inspiring home!! Lovely post!! I love greens everywhere.. The knick knacks are such a treasure!! Thanks for sharing!! The bookshelves are amazing...

Aditi said...

Very cosy and nice...

Life Unscripted! said...

Lovely Post!!! What a beautiful house....every nook n corner is been taken care off...loved the eclectic accessories - lil things that make a house - A home. They all are beautiful!!!

Also i completely agree with Kala Pohl..thanx for introducing us with Chitra :-)


Rekha said...

Beautiful, I loved the mirrors and the greenery in the house. Hmm, I wonder if Chitra would leave behind these beautiful assets when she sells the house.

Arch at Rang said...

Is this Chitra Vishwanathan the Architect?

I am sucker for green plants and the way she has used plants is so beautiful!


vineeta said...

Kala, I know what you mean, I've seen my share of homes without any sense of personality al all. And a home life this is always a pleasure.

Shalini, thanx! I loved her cushions as well :)

Patricia, I'm hoping Chitra will see these comments soon :)

Aditi, will pass on yr compilments.

vineeta said...

Kanchan, the pleasure was all mine :)

Rekha, thats something Chitra will decide ;)

Archana, no she is an advertising art director :) & now teaches advertising design if I'm not mistaken at WLC.

Lakshmi -Celebrations of Life said...

Wonderful vineeta,good work by showcasing their home.wonderful greenery and loved all plants and specially the colour of the walls.

Anonymous said...

That's my sis's house! And yes, it's gorgeous. She has a lovely eye for colour and design, and immense patience when it comes to making her home beautiful. Haven't managed yet to con her into doing up my home! Wonder why?? :-) ~ V.

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Such a beautiful home. I love all her stuff, but the pics that caught my eyes were - the antique umbrella stand, the wicker lamp with the farm figures, the range of books and yes of course the leaves, and oh yes, the wrought iron mirror, the lovely little collectibles all over her home.

Such a nice home, wish it were mine! :)


Tanima said...

Hi Vineeta,
I have been regularly following blog for some time and love every bit of it!
My boyfriend is on a look out for a nice cozy place in Bangalore, would it be possible for him to contact Chitra for more details about this house? He (so have I!) seems to have fallen in love with the place and the plants! He also wants to know if Chitra would be kind enough to leave behind her plants so that the lazy bum wont have to keep his promise of building up a garden ;).

bubli said...

it is really amazing how it takes a third person to actually make us realise how beautiful a home really is. all my time, when it is not spent in my home, is spent in chitas and i have always thought it's a home, no great shakes! then just last week my mom mentioned that the best put together home she has ever seen is chitas, that got me thinking. then your photographs, vineeta, they truly do justice to chita's home and yes if you think the house is beautiful, you should meet the persons that make it so. both srikanth and chitra are lovely people and great friends. chita this is for you - i truly adore you!

Anonymous said...

Vineeeeee, I am famous now! The pics look gorgeous, much better than real life! It's great to listen to people commenting on my house. What fun! And tell people the children come free with the house but not the plants.


bhumika said...

WOW! Such a warm and artistic space to live in! Loved the old bed, the little treasures from around the world and ofcourse, the greenery.

Thanks for sharing this vineeta :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice ! Loved the perspectives, have never seen Chitra's house through somebody else. BUT where is Miffy the house owner ??? Why is she not mentioned and photographed ! If she knows about it, visitors to the house will have to deal with one grouch lady at the door....

- BT

vineeta said...

Lakshmi, Thanx, great home isn't it , one look & I knew I had to feature this home :)

V, I've heard about u you from Chitti :) You must con the busy lady into doing your home asap :)

Sharon, it IS a beautiful home :) and if you really want theres actually half a chance of getting it ;)

vineeta said...

Tanima, You read Chitra's comment about the plants & kids :) And if you still want the home and are serious about it, you can leave a comment saying so & I will forward you her contact.

vineeta said...

Bubli! :) Its so amazing to have you in this space commenting :) And yes, what you said is so true, The house is beautiful no doubt but this was for me an excuse to write about Chiti :) Chiti u are the BEST! :)

vineeta said...

Chiti, that comment is so you!! You are mad! I'm just waiting when you move into your next home & I get to cover that too. Big hug to Rishabh & Ria! :)

vineeta said...

Bhumika, I havent even covere half the house, Chitra's & the kids bedroom is equally beautiful & full of charachter.

BT, I've heard so much about you too from Chiti :) And its really nice of you to comment here, Thanx :) I will kindly request all of you to not mention the 'unmentionable blunder' to Miffy. And in case Chiti blurts it out, you can say the culprit is far away in bombay :)

Tanima said...

Hey Vineeta,
Ya, all kidding aside ;) we are seriously hunting for an abode in Bangalore. We both really liked the place, so thought we might proceed if the requirement match on both sides. I am at present in UK so all the ground details will have be handled by my boyfriend. I can defintely put him in touch with Chitra if thats ok.

vineeta said...

Tanima, if you can leave your mail id as a comment here or write to my id:, will mail u Chitra's contact details :)

sowmya said...

Hi Vineetha

I am Sowmya, Chitra's niece, writing in from Houston, Texas, which is where I am right now.

Here are a few things I want to say about your blog... I agree with all that you say about Chitra the woman, the person, the inspiring agent... she certainly has been a lot of that to me as well. She is a wonderful person and a great friend of mine, more than anything else.

I have lived in that very home you shot for a good year and visited there every other opportunity I got. I must say, great pictures there. I love your photography...esp the whole mirror reflections thing. Nice pictures man! Look really good. Of course I am also a bit biased because to me that place is "home away from home" where love and endless amounts of family happen...anytime of the year... no matter what crisis I am in...

There's one thing about that place, which I tell my husband even now... There are homes I have seen that have the most fascinating interiors. However, many of these homes, tastefully decorated by people with a lot of aesthetic sense, somehow lose the flavour of being home...they lose that sense of comfort, that feeling of "being lived in" most easily and assume the proportion of being museums...they look great but feel cold, they look fabulous but feel hard...the thing about chitra's home on the other hand is that it is decorated tastefully but it still feels lived in, full of love, mess and chaos and yet retains that sense of art and aesthetics in a very warm way. It does not feel like an art zone feels like an art lover lives there and tells people "I live there... and I have character"... That character is what I love about her home, is what I remember resonates a sense of home, love, space, comfort, freedom, and a natural beauty...
I love that feature about her home. To me in this blog about homes you have captured that essence most beautifully bringing back the fondest of memories from my early twenties...thanks for featuring my aunt and a home that I can always call "my home" too!!

Priya said...

I was an avid reader of your blog till personal things took priority, moved to Hyderabad post-wedding and lost touch. But I rediscovered your blog and am happily feasting my eyes on all the posts I missed and the beautiful pics. I remember commenting on one of your posts on the Kerala architecture. Hope to see more posts on the same and more coverage on homes like these, where I take inspiration from.
So you must tell me some good places at Hyderabad where I can pick things for my decor.
I noted one of the pics from this post is also featured on the site Maram. Was it sourced from there?
Priya Nambiar

vineeta said...

Priya, great to hear from you & I'm glad you are back!
To answer you query I ran a quick google search & these are some links you might find useful:'s+home+decor+stores/909/

alok singh said...

Thank you for providing clear information on this. you can also refer Villas in Sarjapur Road

Anonymous said...

Where can one get the wrought iron plant stands as shown here at bangalore ?