Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thaneeya Art

Here's a burst of colour, a riot of pattern and beauty in chaos. Thaneeya's art caught my eye on Fernanda's blog Tudo de Om. She is very versatile & experimentative.
"During the past three years I was intimately involved in the creation of an ecological Buddhist co-housing community in southern France, which provided me the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people from all over the world and spend ample time enjoying nature. These experiences had a profound influence on my art and consciousness."
Much kitsch

Love the way she's combined balc & white & full colour
"Thaneeya McArdle is an internationally-collected artist working in a variety of styles, ranging from photorealism to abstraction, and a whimsical combination of the two. Her artwork is inspired by themes of spirituality, nature, travel, multiplicity and change, held together by a reverance for and appreciation of the everpresent unknown."
Colours and patterns jostle for space on her canvas
Black n white eyes
"In 2006 I expanded the range of my abstract art to include a series of ink-based drawings, still featuring the similar stylistic themes of intense detail and intricate patterns. I enjoyed the challenge of a mostly-limited color palette - nearly always using black ink on white paper or on vintage texts, and occasionally delving into the use of colored inks." Thaneeya art

I really like this animal series as well
"In 2005 I began developing a few series of artwork in which depictions of animals played a prominent role in expressing themes relating to nature, spirituality, and the existential search for meaning." Thaneeya
cock-a-doodle doo!
Typo and a frilled goat :)
"One of the main series that arose includes my Deep Thinkers series, in which
various animals are juxtaposed with evidence of human thought, in the form of mathematical equations, quotes, definitions, musical scores, etc." Thaneeya
Love the colours on this mouse pad
I completely *heart* these patterns & doodles on aged text paper.
Isn't this cool? :)


Aditi said...

I like the flowers and the eye series- very joyful!

Isabella said...

I agree with you, the drawings are marvelous, I like expecially the black&white ones ;-)

thaneeya said...

Hi Vineeta,

Thanks so much for featuring my art on your blog! I'm so glad you like my art. Your blog is great - I subscribed to your feed. :)

And thank you to Aditi and Isabella for your comments on my art!

Anonymous said...

Reeeaaaally good! loving the flowers and eye series just like Aditi, just amazing