Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And the Give away Winner is... :)

And the Give-Away winner is .... Neelima Sivaramakrishna.

Congratulations Neelima :) You will get an FB message from Riddhi Desai of Tinyfarm, and do take it forward from there.
 The next 5 names - from Shilpa Kamath Prabhu to Ketaki Punikar  - will get a discount of 25% on the purchase of this beautiful calender.
 And this is how beautifully riddhi packs her calenders, this particular one has Tulsi seeds surrounded with illustrated goodness. Now this is the kind of wrapping that I wouldn't have the heart to throw.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Just a hello and few white roses for you

This is from the same day that I shot Tinyfarm's Calender. Flowers came home that day. And i had a beautiful time styling a few frames. I remember the days when i stared blogging, I completely didn't get the whole deal around flowers. And the many endless flower pictures I saw on people's flickr streams would puzzle me. Cut to this post where I could not stop shooting these pictures. But the softness of these white petals is something I couldn't quite get over. I have seen myself changing over these years, from someone who lived in jeans and sneakers and only bought jewellery that sat in boxes, to someone who actually wears them. And this love for flowers is certainly not the old me.

I know there are many posts unwritten, I won the 2013 GoodHomes blogger award, that story needs telling, Kalighat Part II waits, and there is at least 1 major Kumbh post that's pending. And so many others. But for today, these flowers are for all of you, who come back to this extremely erratically and sporadically written blog. Sometimes I do think that my staunch belief that I will NOT do anything here just for the heck of it or just because there is not enough time to make a meaty post, does keep this space without new news. But today is a 1st step towards - simply saying hi. This space has brought amazing grace into my life. 
So thank you. 
All of you.


Also do take participate in the lovely Giveaway contest for Tinyfarm's beautiful calender, right before this post. 
Stay safe and stay happy.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Voices" a table calender by Tinyfarm Studio and a GiveAway

This is a post I have really been keen to make for a while. "Voices"is a little table calender make by Riddhi Desai of Tinyfarm. Those of you who have been following this blog for years, might remember Riddhi from the beautiful books she made a few years ago, I had blogged about it here. She also shared the stall with me in my 1st ever exhibition.
Her calender "Voices" is a soft yet powerful coming together of music and her illustrations. And while I was shooting the different illustrations on each month, in different corners of my home, I realised that her calender has the rare capacity, like true art to transform the space that it is in. I could feel peace where ever I kept her calender. I caught myself thinking - what would have been her process, what would have been going on in her mind to conceptualise the illustration the way she did, the clue to that is in the back of the calender, where there is a song to each month and word that is a gift to that month and to you. Riddhi's calender can be bought at a price but what it will bring to your home and your life is a gift of grace. It is her art and her heart.
I find myself falling in love with each of her illustrations each month, and coupled with the song, it is just such a happy peaceful combination.
"‘Voices’ is a calendar featuring 12 illustrations of 12 songs and compositions that will make you smile. Each song carries a message for the month to inspire you to live your dreams and enjoy the simple moments of life. The reverse of the back cover has the entire 2014 calendar for a quick look. We have also included a solid wood calendar stand for a beautifully display." - Riddhi Desai
"And we'll swim, knowing they can't touch us, we'll swim knowing they can't touch us" - Rachel Sermanni
"At the end of each month or year, you can cut out the art & use it as a gift tag or frame it as prints." Riddhi Desai. 
Or you could make groupings of your favourite illustrations and frame them together in one frame. So exciting. I would love these little round illustrations on my walls.

Now here's the FANTASTIC NEWS.

You can be the lucky winner of this beauty of a calender. All you need to do is go to the Tinyfarm page on FB, like it and post a comment on the Tinyfarm Page saying what you love about the calender.
IMPORTANT * Calendar is available for one whole year starting from the month you get it/buy it. For instance you will get April 2014- April 2015
The good news doesn't end there. 5 special comments will be eligible for a 25% discount on the calender.
The last date for this Give-away is the 16th of April.

Tinyfarm also makes pretty Tea towels, Table cloths, Tea light holders and books. Look up Tinyfarm on Etsy
and on and shop away.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kali Ghat, Kolkata.

Kali ghat was a name I had heard since childhood, what was it famous for if you ask me I can't quite put my finger on it, but the associations were that of mystical roots, of culture, of real oldness and real history, I associate stories about mystical saints and ofcourse Kali the goddess and that it is a ghat, which means a bank of a river. And with Dithi Mukherjee calling it her favourite part of the city, to say I was looking forward to seeing it was putting it mildly. Kali ghat was all of the above. But more than anything else it was alive, in a way few other places are. It was alive with activity, it was alive in its happy interested and interesting people. Alive in all the little many many temples dotting the street, so much so that that there was hardly difference between a shop and a temple. So happily and easily would the locals sit in front of 100 year old deities and idols and make conversations. Astrology was a thriving business, and below age old trees were more open air temples where people performed poojas. If living in a city like Mumbai tricks you into thinking that religion is not central to an Indian's life, a few hours spent in Kalighat can change that. Amid tea sellers and shops cleaning and gearing up, kali ghat was waking to another busy day.
 Sindoor is big business here. Kali loves red and she loves them in all shades.
It is prasad, what you offer to god and she offers back. And it is what you wear in your hair parting, signifying your marriage.
 We were drinking tea & we saw this happening right next to us.
 Kullar Chai, is essentially tea in an earthen cup. Disposable. Eco friendly. And traditional.

 If Sindoor is big, then Laal Joba is bigger. As we walked around the tiny streets crammed with shops, we saw many shops selling Laal Joba which is offered to the goddess. (If you are curious to know more about this flower and its significance in worship, this beautifully written post by Dithi is all you need to read)


Sindoor in all forms, in every kind of packaging.

 Like how can this man look at me taking his picture with this expression? He doesn't even know me. I was realising this is a special place.

 So here I was shooting signages, typography, idols that were old and beautiful and Dithi was chatting with this gentleman. At this point Dithi says you have to hear this, I don't understand bengali, so Dithi explains that this gentleman was telling her that his hair was not naturally matted but that he had purposely set it like that, and thereafter he proceeded to explain to Dithi that to get your hair to matt, you had to part your hair in sections, apply gel and then leave it uncombed through many washes. What??? :) By this time he had all our attention in which he was basking. He said he is not actually a priest, but a dramatist.  We were charmed and played along. Whereupon he said he would demo a Pooja for us.
He went home, and turned into a passage that was nothing short of stunning. It has the Puri Jagannath painted on its walls. And he came out with his accessories, incense, bells.
 And here he gets into his act. In all sincerity.
So were were all standing looking at him putting up this show he said he would put up for us. He was chanting loudly, the incense did the rounds of the deities on the wall, the bells rang on cue, we were laughing, clicking pictures, And for a second I shut my eyes. And it all felt very REAL to me. That was disconcerting. What did this mean? Maybe it does not matter whether you intellectually know that what is happening is a sham, what you feel is real for you and is more about you than what is really happening. So strange. But true.
Then I opened my eyes again.
And were all together having fun. We were in Kalighat. And here was this man whose innocense let him tell us his truth so easily and simply and who went on to show us his prayer routine which was as real as it was an act. "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. - See more at:
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. - See more at:
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. - See more at:

Kalighat is not a place that I can wrap in one post. Stay tuned for the part 2.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Artnlight & Jaypore

Colours. Deep, warm, pulsing and heart filling. That Indians have a thing for colour is no new news. And Jaypore is celebrating this. Its the Rang week in Jaypore. And they celebrate it with a splash of colour on clothes on accessories, on jewellery, you name it, if you are a colour lover, just head over to Artnlight products are a part of their Rang. And selling under the event called "Labor of Love" I'm touched that they chose this heading to sell my products under.They also blogged about the inside story of Art&light and the journey from blogging to creating products in a well written post (you can read it here)
What is exciting is that this range is not available anywhere else online right now. I sent them the Queen boxes and the Botanical Boxes before I even shot them myself. So here's how they look. And the event is on for one more week & things are already getting sold out. So if you've been eying your Queen or Botanical Box or tray, the time to grab it is NOW :)

 This is a Hinge Box and great way to keep your jewellery or knick-knacks. Dimensions: 8x8x3 inches.
This box has a lift off knob lid. Measures to 7x7x3 inches. 

Click here to shop this range :)

Lots of love & meet you guys soon :)