Wednesday, September 24, 2014

*NEW* The Vintage Map Rose & Bird Series.

Its the days before an exhibition, everything is hectic, the lists are endless till you reach a point of- 'beyond this whatever drops, drops'.  After my 1st exhibition in Ahmedabad, I unconsciously swore to myself, no out of Bombay exhibitions. It was crazy. Why would anyone do this? Pack all your stuff, which is humungous - Ok, a public confession - from the time I started shipping my stuff I became completely envious of fashion designers and people who design and deal in fabric. Its light, it folds, you can roll it - it wont break or chip if it falls, it is fairly unharmable in the face of merciless cargo dealers who think nothing of hurling cartons. So back to where I was - who would voluntarily take their stuff to another city? Figure out your accomodation, figure out your helper's/colleagues accomodation, book tickets, and the worst is the call you need to take on how much to carry. What will sell, what won't. Because you are interstate, you can't exactly run back to your studio and pick up extras that are selling well. And won't you look like a mammoth fool if you land up with too much stock? Or too less. And yet, here I am. Going through it all once again. I tell myself I would do this only for Delhi. I have heard so much about how much I 'should' go to Delhi, that its literally coming out of my ears :) So here I am. Packed, or over packed - depends on the way you look at it, ready to be headed out.
Happy to share with all of you the vintage part of the Artnlight Diwali Collection 2014. 
I have been wanting to try out this colour scheme for ages. This time it just came together.

Need to share a few more designs. I have designed cushion covers as well this time. But have not yet shot them. Soon, very soon they will be on the online shop. Stay tuned. And please don't go. There is much coming up. 
Meantime, all the people in Delhi who read this blog, do mark your calenders and come over to Serendipity, to shop this collection and much more. You will see all the popular artnlight designs out in FULL array. You will get to meet the dynamic Bhavna Bhatnagar whose An Indian Summer is organising the event. Plus you will get to meet a whole bunch of phenomenally talented designers & entrepreneurs. Chandan Dubey and her very exciting new line of Stools and tables and trunks will be on show. Looking forward to meeting you all, in person.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

**NEW** Art&Light Arabic Calligraphy Range.

I have a thing for the written word, something written with beautifully formed letter forms, for me is a visual enough. For the same reason, I'm a huge fan of how Islam uses the written word as ornament. Islamic calligraphy is iconic and I have such a tremendous respect and love for the way they use it in the decor of their monuments. And so here are my trays which are a tribute to this art form.

And yes I have Mugs too :) :) And this time I just tripped on the design a bit. Each mug is different. I will ofcourse choose 1 or 2 and stick to that. It will be a logistical nightmare to retain all 4 designs. But I can share my process with you right? Here's a dekko.
These products are not yet on artnlight's online store. But they will soon be. Please wait for the announcement. 
And there's more. So stay tuned :)
This collection will be at my exhibition in Delhi, Here is the event invite,
Click on the 'going' button and COME :) Looking forward to meeting all of you.
On the 27th & 28th September, Serendipity, Chattarpur. New Delhi.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Festive with Royalty, Red, Blue and Gold

Red, blue and gold for me always spelt royalty. Last year I did the Queen Series in red and blue - and I remember there was a huge, huge demand for a King & Queen matched set. It is something that completely did not strike me & so this year, here is introducing a matched King and Queen set in Reds, blues & gold. And I wanted to push it further and also explore different cultural variations on the theme - so I added one more design into this mix - the Royal coat of arms, with a very non Indian sensibility. Why not? :)
 The Visionary King with his strong aquiline profile & his eyes, far seeing, into the future, nobility, plans, their executions. The lines here are straight and clean and solid.
 In the rectangular format I get to indulge myself with a bit more of story telling. His vision is a balance of scriptures and sport.
The ever popular 'Bani Thani' which literally translates to 'made up & well dressed' is a foil to this King, to his all his straight scriptures and lines, her curves jewels and flowers.

Coats of arm, their symbolism have always fascinated me. I wanted to create something with Red Blue and gold around a Royal Emblem, any Royal Emblem.  And if it is reminiscent of another continent, all the better.

 These products are not yet on artnlight's online store. But they will soon be. Please wait for the announcement. 
And there's more. So stay tuned :)
This collection will be at my exhibition in Delhi, Here is the event invite,
Click on the 'going' button and COME :) Looking forward to meeting all of you.
On the 27th & 28th September, Serendipity, Chattarpur. New Delhi.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Art&Light's New Diwali Collection - a sneak peek

The days are once again ruled by the tyranny of endless to-do lists. As many as you cross off triumphantly, more crop up in gleeful defiance. It is an exhibition, that too in another city, logistics, deadlines, endless following up, haggling for time with everyone who works with you, the excitement of seeing your vision translate into reality, packaging, should I add tags? what about display? How much do I pack? Among all these concerns, the day you shoot your products, is a welcome respite. You let everything wait while you see what you've created through your camera - does it make the cut? Does it shoot well? For me - it is always a different experience seeing my products with my eyes & then seeing their images. Some products are more photogenic than others. This one needs more love - the colour needs to be brighter - maybe more saturated? And some surprise you - this works! Seeing a picture of something can give you perspectives your naked eye can't. Does it work that way for you as well?
Sharing a few 'teaser' pics of what will be Art&Light's New Diwali Collection 2014

Stay tuned, will share more pics and the new collection over the next few posts.
Meantime do check out AnIndianSummer for all the hot news and exciting designers lined up for the Exhibition that will happen at Serendipity, Delhi. The dates are 27th & 28th September. 
Have you signed up for the event yet?

Santosh Jain's Amor Fati

An entrepreneur's life can teach you many things. A BIG lesson is that there are only 24 hours in a day and one need to prioritize and get the important things done. That life has been very busy here is an understatement. My team and me are busy gearing up for the festive season & the new artnlight collection that will be launched at anIndian Summer & Serendipity's exhibition in Delhi, this coming September 27& 28th. In getting what needs to be done, there are many many things that I love that don't get done.  From that long list there is one that I'm going to just do just now, irrationally, because the artist and her work & my regard for it commands it. And because if even a couple of people in Delhi get to see this exhibition which I am dying to go for in Delhi, before the 20th September because of this post, this post is well worth it.
Santosh Jain is an artist, a much felicitated and awared artist. Her current solo show of Digital works, is titled ‘Amor Fati’ or ‘love of one’s fate’ is an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in life, including suffering and loss, in a positive light. It’s a philosophy that resonates in Santosh’s fearless attitude towards her life and her art.
What is interesting is how strongly conceptual and above and beyond the realm of merely digital cut paste pretty Santosh Jain's work is. What is interesting is the strong narratives she creates by juxtaposing her own photography with iconic images by great painters, with a sense of responsibility. What is interesting is that she is 65 years old and has recently after retirement taught herself the digital medium and using the digital camera. That she very quickly found her voice in the medium and expresses it masterfully is evident in the stories and atmospheric pieces that come together and create this 'Amor Fati'

All art lovers in Delhi whose interest in piqued by this, you have 2 more days to catch it live, and maybe a chance to interact with the artist herself.
And for all of us who do not live in Delhi, and want to see more of her work, do check this pinterest link.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Artnlight coming to Delhi, to An Indian Summer & Serendipity

From the time I have started making products, I have only heard one thing, "you must go to Delhi". And the time has come. When Bhavna Bhatnagar of the very popular AnIndianSummer wrote to me and told me about the gorgeous store Serendipity set in a beautifully restored Haveli, I knew I was on. For many reasons - that this was a chance to meet Bhavna whose blog I have read for years now and who I 'know' as well as one would know a friend, through the internet and through the countless emails we bloggers have exchanged on various occasions. The store Serendipity itself was another huge reason. What a gracefully done place. With its aqcua painted windows and blue doors and expansive courtyard, that this will once again be a chance to meet upclose & interact with some of India's most talented and entrepreneurs and designers. But the unexpected bonus will be musical evenings, I can just imagine the night lights strung on trees going on along with the musical notes of Hindustani classical. I really can't wait to be there.

All of you in Delhi, definitely save the date & do come. We've waited a really looong time for something like this to happen, I would be delighted to meet all of you who will make it. You will also get to meet the face behind AnIndianSummer. In the beautious setting of Serendipity which is a place I'm just dying to see myself. Plus many more. Watch this space for more details of who are showing in this curated event. This is just the 1st post and watch this space for more. Do consider this as a personal invitation to all readers of this blog.
  The dates are: September 27th - 28th
At Serendipity's lovely haveli at Chattarpur, New Delhi
Come anytime between 11:00am till 9:00pm

The performances happen from 06:30pm till 08:00pm
Click on the facebook invite right here
And this is the event page - just hit up the join button & come :)

All images are by Bhavna Bhatanagar of AnIndianSummer

Friday, August 29, 2014

MUG Festival Extended!!

These past 12 days - ever since I announced the Mug festival has been a flurry of activity at the Artnlight Studio - parcels have been packed steadily and have been shipped across to people from across India. What touched me the most is that this time round there were more people gifting it than people buying it for themselves and as a trend I saw that while people bought a mug or 2 for themselves - they bought more for people who live far away from them. These messages are beautiful and that people felt it would brighten someones day or make a difference to them - made my day. So I'm extending the festival and give-away deadline + the FREE shipping for 3 more days - till Monday - September 2nd night.
So whoever wanted to particiapte and could not - now is the time :)
For people seeing this for the 1st time click this link for all the details.

Now for the Give Away Details :) 
What will you win? Your favourite Mug.
What you need to do:
1. Follow/"Like" the artnlight page on FaceBook
2. Register/sign up on (look at the top right on the website) 
3. Share the picture of your favourite Mug from the Artnlight FB album on your FB timeline.
4. Drop on a comment here that you've done all 3. 
Who will win? 
One lucky winner we will pick randomly :)
New deadline? 2nd September 2014.