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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Doe eyed beauties decked in traditional Indian sarees, big bindis, curly hair, parrots, leaves flowers, these are some of the elements I have come to look for and love in self-taught artist, Dithi Chakraborthy's frames. She paints Indian beauties from her all-white apartment in a quaint rue in the lap of the Alps". Her blogger profile reads "Self taught artist. Born in India. Living in Geneva. Eccentric, purple loving, tea addict." One meets so many people online, but what makes Dithi different is her complete approachability, openness and warmth in all her communication. This is evident in her colourful blog Deezden, where she uploads youtube videos about her art, complete with soulful bengali background music. It is a must check it out.

The bengali bride
And groom :)
"My work revolves around themes from India. The colours, patterns, symbolism and the imagery are inspired by the folklorique traditions, the cultural influences and the numerous joyous festivals. I connect with this richness through my canvases. Everything starting from the Rajasthani hand block-printed fabric to the Madhubani and the Warli on mud huts in the villages; from the Bengali folk songs of the Baul family to the Kathakali costumes in Kerala, all of this inspires me."

This is a personal favourite- Holi Hai!!!

This one is so different and yet her style is evident.
Now this one is the one I would love to see hanging in my home some day- I must check her out her Etsy shop to see if it is available

This is her 'My Ganesha painting' whose print she gave away recently to a super lucky fellow blogger. You must check her blog, there is much happening there.

A beautifully mellow mother daughter.

"For me, it is sheer joy to portray the female form and the Indian woman with all her splendour has so many stories to tell. She is what I understand and connect with, completely. Frida once said "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best." For me, this subject is the Indian woman. The green parrot is a close second!

Three generations, mother daughter & grand daughter.

Dithis' favourite parrot makes appearance.
2 girls flying kites.

If I'm not mistaken this is some of her earlier work.
And this is her latest, the woman with the Garhwali nose ring.
I love the bathing woman as well. There is an inherent & strong sense of design and sensuality in all of Dithi's work. And the great news is she sells online. Check out her Etsy shop here.
Coming up next is her home! :)

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