An Indian Home in Geneva

Sunday, February 22, 2009

You've seen Dithi's work & now here is her beautiful cozy home in Geneva. She carries India's spirit with her & this is very evident in the following pictures. From the Ganeshas' statue to the Tibetan scrolls to her Rajasthani puppets to her framed Goan Mario Miranda tiles, India is everywhere. And all of this is set off beautifully in her all-white home. Her living room holds her Ganesha along with a pretty mirror worked cushion.
I love the 'paduka's" or traditional Indian footwear on her pretty runner.
"Ganeshji was brought home from Mr. Suryani (a wonderfully warm person and now, friend)'s factory in Mysore with my first salary."
" The hand-fan that hangs from he mirror in my living area is an antique, a very Bengali touch. "
"We picked the Mario Miranda Tiles from a place called the ''Big Foot'' at Lotoulim or Ancestral Goa. I am a big Mario fan and given a chance, would love to have the Cafe Mondegar walls in my kitchen."
Dithi's love for interesting jars is evident here.
And she has quite a collection of them, from different parts of India, by different artists.
"I love ceramics and collect pottery when I can. I am an absolute fan of Adil's designs. I have some of his designs here, the jar with the Koli fisher woman, the 'Dancing girl from Mumbai' mug (that is a brush n pen.holder now) and the mortar and pestle with Mumbai CST print."
"The master bedroom, when we rented this flat, had that huge, white, antique-y fan. When we were asked by the ''Regie'' (which is what brokers for apartments are called here) if we wanted that removed, I insisted that the fan be allowed to stay. I built the theme around that and therefore, the four poster bed in a warm yellow along with a coordinated chest of drawers and bamboo roll-up blind, reminiscent of lounging in a tropical island. The poster-fabrics from ''Anokhi'' , to my mind, add a beautiful Indo-ethnic feel to the room. We collected the Rajasthani puppet-couple from Cottage Emporium in Kolkata. I am particular about 'my' side of the bed and that is precisely where the lady is placed, with her beau on Arnab's side!!! "

Diti's parrot makes an appearance in her home :)
"I have grown up watching Ma and my sisters add beauty and personality to home spaces. My eldest sister Ankhi is my mentor so far as decor and design is concerned. The puppet that hangs from my curtain channel in a far-east rendition of Lord 'Rama', gifted to us by her and my brother-in-law!
I loved this touch. She's beautifully lined the top of her floor length mirror with colourful cowheads. "The cow heads are from Kochin, they are said to be traditionally used by farmers as an auspicious symbol for great harvest!"
Dithi and Arnab are clearly book lovers and her home is chock full of them. When you have a lot of books they can be turned into an effective element of decor & this Diti knows well. I love the way the books & cds are all lined in an organised way.
And I don't know why but this pic HAS TO BE my fav picture of all of this eyecandy that she sent. Just look at this! Row upon row of books, stationary, lovingly collected little artefacts, all find place and add beauty in these white shelves. And here are the neatly arranged artists tools in interesting mugs (more Mario here)... her work space. Appropriately under Goddess Saraswathi's benevolent gaze. That's her blog 'Deezden' that is seen on her laptop.

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