Saturday, February 7, 2009

Decorating a Bombay Box

I’ve been sitting on this post for soooo long it’s not even funny. And I’m not talking about being super busy at work, which I’ve been these past couple of weeks. This has something to do with deep rooted procrastination, not doing things which you know is good to do. For what reason? There are countless reasons, but really, there are none.
So here goes. This is a very close friend’s home & she & I have put together everything that you see here. From the wall colour to all of the art/frames on the wall. We never set about ‘designing’ the place. It’s quite basic, I picked up things during my travels & she brought her granny’s antique cupboard & her very definite sense of what is comfortable & what is not & this is how it looks. The house is really small, only 550 sq ft, but we had some fun with colour.

The mirror is from Chor bazaar, the frames hold my photographs. And that black sofa is not my idea :) But what does one say to someone who sat on atleast 50 sofa sets & screwed her face before she decided on this. To her credit this black monster is a bit like quicksand, you sit & never ever want to get up.

The room looks beautiful in the evening...

with the light filtering in through the chiks
And the curtains reflected in the mirror
I have forced my pictures on her as 'gifts'. She had no option but to put them up ;)
The tiles on the wall are from Goa. And the cat is part of a trio picked up from the KalaGhoda exhibition.
A red wall in the living room holds a clock & an antique spoon holder from Kerala. The brackets are from Fab India & the cows from Ahmedabad.
The bird is an addition from Rajasthan.
Painting 2 sections of her bookshelf was entirely her idea.
And here hangs the 1st piece of commissioned personalised art I've ever done. I'm keepng my fingers crossed there will be more.
I will post next about how I put this together :)

The bedroom holds a beautiful antique cupboard from her grandmother.

The kitchen has limey green, white & steel shelves
The countertop bin & steel crockery reflect the green from the oppostie wall.

This is the laundry basket, sitting next to a printed 'bharni' from 'loose ends'. The little souvenir is a tiny ceramic plate from London.


Chandan said...

Wow V, an opportunity to put together a place from scratch, and with wonderful results to show!!! Love what you two girls have ahceived.
I had a white sofa in Bombay... it took two and a half months to turn ash grey with the dust and pollution in the air, so there might be a point to a black sofa. ( I am not so sure about leather though, does it take Bombay humidity well?)
Love your pictures in the frames, the cat is exquisite, the art work is fantastic ( looking fwd to the post about it)... and the antique cupboard is straight from a dream.
Wel done, thanks for sharing.

Aparna said...

It's lovely Vineeta. Amazing use of colour without going out of control. Loads of warmth and sunshine. I'm quite sold on the pink-which-you-call-red wall. The idea of one sexy fuschia wall in the house tickles me pink!

Shalini said...

Very nice work. I really like the colors and sense of cheeriness. I also love all the earthy elements, like the laundry basket, the antique cupboard, the bird, the cows....they create a lovely mood.

Your Geek Chic piece is very cool...looking forward to seeing more of your work.

vineeta said...

Chandan, Ye!! I'm really happy and touched at your generosity :)
Yes I will forever envy her antique cupboard. My photography has done it no justice. Its SUCH a gorgeous piece.
The sofa is quite comfortable in all seasons. Her house is on the 12th floor and is quite cool.
& thanx for calling my artwork 'fantastic' I will not stop grinning today :)

vineeta said...

Aparna, that wall colour you are right straddles red and magenta & maroon if thats possible. I'm glad you loved it & welcome to this blog, this is the 1st time you are commenting? I must check your blog quickly :)

vineeta said...

Shalini thanx much! :) I must show her all the nice things that are being said here.
And Yes I do mean to make more of the 'Geek Chic' kind of pieces. WIll feature them here as & when :)


Vin , this is superb and what for it's worth , I think the big black couch provides a nice contrast and keeps things interesting.

The commissioned piece you did looks very interesting and I hope to see a lot more of your pieces on your blog!

Designing a small space can be challenging and you guys have done a great job , I think it's your space as much as it's hers!

Arch at Rang said...

Vineeta~ What a lovely post. It must have been great fun putting together a home and love that 'art' you have created!!

This inspires me to get some of my photographs printed and framed:;-)

I was wondering where you went missing... and oh yes those metal bird from Rajasthan...I haven't come across anything like that before...maybe a post on that later?:-)


Anonymous said...

Vinee, many thanks for featuring my 'box'! And to all of you, many thanks for your comments and warm praise! I was a little diffident when Vinee wanted to post about my home because its small and hardly designer! But with a lot of her generous help, it has become a wonderful retreat for me from the chaos that is Mumbai. Chandan - the sofa is faux leather at Rs. 20000. In fact, everything was done on the shoe-string budget of a first home buyer. I never dreamed that I could get such a pretty home without spending a bomb. Thanks again for all your comments and have a great weekend!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Vineeta and Nisha, what an amazing home you two have put together! I love everything:). I wish though you could have put in a shot of the entire living room...I want to know how the orange wall fits into the rest of the room.

I looved the kitchen, especially the colour. It's so trendy..and quite a contrast from the rest of the home, but so sensible in these days to have a modern set up when you do your cooking!

And finally, your pic is really cool.I will wait for the next post:)

Thanks for sharing!

vineeta said...

Masala chai, Thanx for saying all you did & to hear you call anything interesting is a compliment in itself :) What you said about doing up a small space is so true. But colour is such a great tool in bringing charachter to a space.

vineeta said...

Archana, I've been basically buried under work for the better part of last month & if I managed to blog it was pure time management & determination.
This was the 1st time i framed my photographs because she loved them so much & thought it will look great. I don't have a single photo of mine framed in my own home. But the results can surprise you & you of all the people must try it Arch.
And the idea of doing a small post on the birds is a good idea. I will go about it one of these days.

vineeta said...

Nisha, thanx for stopping by & saying what you did :)Its being appreciated despite our reservations. YE!!!

vineeta said...

Sharon, Let me see if I have a whole pic of the living room. I think it should be possible. I'm so glad someone spoke of the kitchen. Nisha is very strong on cooking & was particular about how everything in the kitchen came together.
And yes, The next post on the 'art' is coming up soon! :)
Thanx for all your appreciation Sharon :)

bindu said...

Very nice work! All the rooms look very beautiful. Love the bright colors and the photographs.

arundati said...

Wow!!firstly... what a fabulous job with the home decoration.....everything's come together with such warmth in that space... i am ashamed that i make such a hue and cry about the space i live in! i loved the tiny accents... the cat... the tiles from goa....and best of all the cows.... where did you pick them up in ahmedabad?? loved the commissioned art....and cant wait to see the post where you tell us how you put it together....congratulations Nisha... you have a lovely home...

Shilpa said...

tis but a lovely home, elegant and girly, colourful and cosy, the framed photos a pleasure!

Rekha said...

Lovely post, I love the idea of putting together things from scratch...It gives sense of pride and satisfaction wn you do things yourselves, gr8 work girls!

vineeta said...

Bindu, thanx! :)

Arundati, yes, space is at a premium here in Bombay. And that is one fact around which we live our lives. Thanx for the many compliments. We were travelling in Ahmedabad & the cows were picked up at one of their huge handicraft showrooms. It is easily available there.

vineeta said...

Shilpa, thanx for dropping by & the words of encouragement :)

Rekha, thanx much, it was indeed fun putting this together :)

Aparna said...

I've been a silent admirer of your blog for over 8 months, Vineeta:-)It's Visual Nirvana. I'm continually amazed at the amount of work you guys (I've mentioned this to Pavitra too) put into maintaining your blogs without putting in a single word or picture thats self indulgent and unnecesary. Me, I'm the opposite. Check out my new post you made me realise I HAVE a blog.

vineeta said...

Hey, Aparna, thanx for all the appreciation :) So many of my friends too tell me that they read my blog regularly, but till someone comments I never know they are reading :)
I will def hop across to your blog one of these days :)

Patricia Torres said...

What an excellent acheivement!! I love the colours! Very inspiring! Its amazing.. how you two have changed the place and made it look so warm. I love the birds and the cat. Lovely.. lovely.. Excellent work.. thanks for sharing!

vineeta said...

Patty, thanx for the warm words. It was great fun putting this together!

Priya said...

Loved the warm colors. and unbelieveable how a small living space can turn out so beautiful.. great effort...
and its more fun when u r doing up ur hom with a friend who's aware of ur likes and dislikes.. :)
i do go through ur blog regularly while logged on to conference calls ;)
i loved ur post on the kerala temple architecture too.. am fascinated with the beautiful temples back in kerala..
and the nalukettu!!! a house like that is on my to-do list..
do keep posting more intersting stuff.. its a good distraction during those boring conf calls. :)

vineeta said...

Priya, thanx for all the appreciation :) Tell me about boring conf. calls :) But I must be thankful to them if they mean u browse thru my blog then ;) I'm constantly amazed at who likes what on my blog. I'm glad u mentioned the naalukettu. I'm hoping to post more about that, if I'm lucky that is :)

Floydgal said...

Hello Vineeta,

Read your blog, its very inspiring:)

I'm moving to bombay in a couple of months, and looking forward to furnish my new apartment. Would you know any good furniture boutiques for not-so-expensive yet contemporary modern furniture? Couch, beds etc??

Would be of great help :)

pRiyA said...

mmmmmm....there are some very, very pretty homes featured here.
i'm still looking through...

Priya said...

iam looking forward to that post.. and now i know whom to seek advice from when iam doing up my home.. :D

Adam said...

Hey Vineeta, sorry I am new to this world. I just wanted to know, in the first picture, I can see a mat sort of a thing... marroon in color... my india friends tell me its a CHATTAI but none of them know what its made of and do you get it in different colours? Do you know where they make it, as in not shops, but actual people who do it... is it typical of some particular states of india, maybe? I would love to photograph people doing this stuff.

Adam said...

Hi Vineeta, I was just wondering if you could tell me about that mat thing I asked about in my previous comment. I am mesmerized with it, as you can imagine. It is just beautiful.

vineeta said...

Adam, you are right, these are called 'Chattais' and in my laymans opinion, they are manufactured in different places across India. I do know of quite a few places in Mumbai where these are made: Mahim, some areas of Kamathipura (which is a red light area)But finding out won't be a big problem.