Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An SJC Valentine Give-away Ye!!

I'm sure Shweta Jain Chopra's darling designs are still fresh in all your visual memories. It is truly the stuff cuddly soft dreams and Valentines are made of. That EACH piece is hand stitched by Shweta, from cutting, to stitching to packaging, no sewing machine, no assembly line of workers putting together the pieces is what surprised me. 
We saw her work in the previous post and this time I'm happy to share with you a more rounded picture of her artistic journey.
Shweta uses only organically died felt.
Most of these beautiful pictures have been shot by Photographer Janina Strauch. And by Shweta's husband Tarun Chopra.
Shweta Jain is settled in Korea and works from Seoul and she is active in the design scene there. She represented India in the Seoul Design Fair.
 And this is the part that always excites me, a peek into the home and studio of the petite artist :) And as as I'm coming to expect the home is such an extension of her art, neat clean lines & bright pops of colour.
And now for the Valentine Give away :) 
Up for grabs is this stunning whimsical necklace from SJC's Circus range.

All you need to do is:
1. Like the SJC FB page 
2. Then come back here and leave a comment confirming you have liked the page and (this is the important part) what you feel or like about SJC designs, and what you feel they can do to add or improve to your experience of SJC Designs
Shweta will ship the product anywhere is the world, so everybody can participate.
The Give-away will close on the 11th of Feb, so do make sure you leave your comment by then :)
There is more news coming up soon so stay tuned.


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Oh wow I don't think I can critique at all, their stuff is amazing and so unique. I LOVE it!

Barnita De said...

Liked the SJC FB page
The SJC designs are different, cute and extremely creative. The finishing is very good and look great. They are not run of the mill hence adds the personal touch to the accessories. Would be fortunate to own one of these

Simi said...

Liked :) I think she is doing a fantastic job. Her jewellery designs are bespoke pieces of art. I think she should continue making more of these neckpieces. And possibly, make it available in local stores as well :)

Roanna said...

Hey Vineeta! Hiii!! I liked the page a couple of months ago because I like her work anyway. It's just all so pretty and unique, plus I love her felt beads. Especially the Christmas crafts and rainy cloud pendant et cetera. Soooo cute + totally my style! :-D

Roanna said...

I was talking about the rainy blue one!!

Sonali Thackeray said...

Dancing in the rain is soo awesome! The monsters are adorable.. I can see little monsters and cupcakes as accessories. I can also imagine lovely chimes out of your creations.. love it! wish you more and more luck :) - Sonali

rani shah said...

Liked the SJC fb page!
Her items are full of whimsy and fun!!! Will brighten everyone's day!

Everything is wonderful! The only thing I could really think of was the navigation to where to purchase...took me a few clicks to get to it...but I found it!!!! Maybe if it was just one click away, it may offer ease of access so people aren't discouraged.

Rani said...

Like on fb!Not sure if my post actually posted, but here it is again! LOVELY work!!!! I love all her items!! The only thing I could think of was that it took a few clicks to get to the purchase sites. If it were just a one click, it might prevent other potential buyers from getting frustrated!!!

thanks so much for the chance to win!

S_its_me! said...

Liked the FB page.

Shweta's work is simply amazing. I just love how the colors pop out in all her designs. My personal favs are the treasure pouches and the buga monsters.

Amrita Tripathy said...

Oh I had already liked her page when i saw her work in some online site.. But your previous post on SJC gave me an detailed insight to her creative work-o-sphere. Infact after reading her work here on artnlight, I instantly became her fan..!I must say that its artnlight's unnique presentation style which makes any ordinary thing look extraordinary and extraordinary things just spectacular and double extra-ordinary. :)

SJC is whimsy, funny, cute and girly. I kinda like the felt purses/ pouches..(not so big fan of the quiky, whimsy bug monsters though)..I would like to see more of animals (real animal types) from SJC house. :)

sahana m s said...

hi. Lkd the page lng bck.i jst love u r design nd the way they r gvn the final touch.i like the creativity nd its very unique,hats off to the desgnr. Hoping to see mre desgns.u cn try 4 the rings also.thnq

monika mehta said...

Hi Vineeta, liked her FB page :)
her products are very lovely and creative..treasure pouches, monster collection. travel collection is all awesome..the product catalogue designs also rock!

Komal Kohok said...

Liked the SJC fb page. SJC puts a smile on my face instantly :) Buga Monsters, Dancing in the Rain, The Circus Factory, Treasure pouches are all my favorites.
I think Shweta's designs are funny, cute, creative and full of whimsy, but they are wearable by anyone!!
The circus factory collection can be extended in to more jewellery pieces - charms, bracelets, hairclips etc.

I would like to see the SJC in person strutting her cute collection next to Artnlight products :)

Tania D'Souza Samad said...

Hey, I've liked the SCJ page on FB. Her work is unique and very detailed...loved all of it especially the Xmas ornaments and the funky necklaces. I think the one think she could perhaps work on are expand her designs to actual toys (i didn't see any toys, except the Buga monsters, which I'm not sure are toys). she makes gorgeous home decor, utility and jewelery and this could add to the gorgeousness!

Anusha said...

Liked the SJC FB page couple of months ago. The products are absolutely gorgeous. the quirky and vibrant use of color and material, especially the mobile covers and Buga monsters. I would love to see and buy more home decor stuff like cushion covers on the same line....probably with giraffes and birds. Extremely creative and innovative.