Wary Meyers

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I have admired Wary Meyers' work for the longest time. I'm sure a lot of you have come across their beautifully eclectically designed interiors, for those of you who haven't here's a peek.

The Wary Meyers own home. I love the colours & the patters & how it all comes together.

Their kitchen
Living room
"Our designer client in Brooklyn wanted a kind of pretty/geometric/Asian/pink/hipster vibe. The wall stencil is a take on a damask wallpaper, but customised for our client. The drips and oversprays are intentional. The chandelier is made from individually suspended crystals floating around a large clear bulb. The mantle is salvaged from a barn in Maine and fitted with its own form of fire. "
Living room

Bedroom wall

Personalised stencilling

Custome upholstered chairs

Boys bedroom, with custom lighted headboard.
Stars above the mantel.
Love how they play with colour.

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