Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Colour Hai !!!

Its Holi today. India's festival of colour. The shy are dragged out of their homes by boisterous relatives and friends to be dunked in water and colour. And much revelry ensues. The next day its interesting to see remains of colour on formally dressed people in office. Perfectly manicured nails are tinged with telltale red. What fun!
Wiki's Holi page has this pic & I really liked it- Krishna playing Holi with gopis.
In this post since I'm not really into showing people on this blog, I will show rooms drenched in colour. Brace yourself guys, this is a saturated affair.

Colours from Africa

& China
Isn't this room craaazy! :)
And this though colourful is so sane

Loved this stencilled colourful headboard idea!

And check this one out! Unreal.

And here's a quick look at colour in contemporary spaces

Love this room!

Love that yellow cutting board & green art againt the mango wall.

(Images from Domino, House beautiful & Taschen)


Arch at Rang said...

The sink with the yellow chopping board is so awesome:-))

Lovely colours!

Happy Holi!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Being a "colorful" artist myself, I love rooms drenched in color:):) Lovely!

Patricia Torres said...

OOOH!! How lovely!! I love the bed headboards in pink and with the pictures above them.. What awesome colours!!

Life Unscripted! said...

Happy Holi Vineeta!

Loved the colors in the room they add so much intimacy..they change the entire mood.

Me too loved the chopping board and the green art..they compliment very well...

Shalini said...

Wow, all the colors are amazing. I loved the framed headboard with photos inside....what a cool idea!

Chandan said...

Dazzling Post Vineeta... love the pictures and the context you put them into. Have a lovely Holi!

Aditi said...

I am not brave about using color in my home but I always drool over them anyway. Great finds!! Especially the pink one, which I think is in Liza Bruce's house in Jaipur.

aimee said...

ohhhhhh! DELIGHTFUL! thank you for this immersion of color and for the lesson about Holi; i will be doing some research and learning about this holiday!

Lakshmi Arvind-Celebrations of Life said...

I loved the room in total pink with pink cushions and yellow mattress. Lovely colours!
Happy holi!

Paula said...

I love love love the yellows you've shown. There's something so great about that yellow/mango color.

vineeta said...

Archana, thats a fav pic of mine too!

Kala, you bet, your frames just burst with colour!!!!

Patricia, thanx!

Kanchan, What u said is so true, colours are the easiest ( and probably cheapest) way to change the look of a space.

vineeta said...

Shalini, Its quite a whacked out idea- that whole pic is whacked out & fun!

Chandan, thanx so much! grinning ear to ear :)

Aditi, I think you are right. I must check her place out- i'm sure she's featured in one of the decor magazines here.

vineeta said...

aimee, you are a sweetheart :) I did think of so many of you who will be new to the idea of Holi & added the wikipedia link, you can always google it.

Lakshmi, isn't that room magical! I'd love to find out how the rest of that house looks like :)

Paula, we are mosre similar than we know- 'Mango yellow' is my most fav colour on planet earth :)

bindu said...

Each room is a work of art! Love them all.

The Ketchup Girl said...

breathtaking!! loved all of them :).

vineeta said...

Bindu, ketchup girl, Thanx! Holi should be about colour :)

neelanjala said...

so colorful, Happy Holi