An Indian bedroom in Dallas

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Preeti Menon is a graphic designer by profession, but she is so much more than that. I have never seen anybody more keen on connecting with people and she has a rare gift of intuition and healing. Her knowledge of essestial oils, its healing properties and the power of right nutrition and what it can do for your body, mind and soul are a few qualities that have me in awe of her. One of the things that comes very naturally to her is balance and this is abundantly reflected in this beautiful bedroom in her home. I had seen her home only in pics she sent of family and going there personally and being able to see and click these pictures has been so happy making. I will hand if over to Preeti to speak about this space she  created with so much love. 
"I wanted to keep the theme of our bedroom in a fine balance between the yin and yang moon. I wanted my husband to feel this was as much his space of sleep and relaxation as it was mine. So our primary colors were deep romantic moonlit rich blue sky by Ralph Lauren Regent Metallics. To offset it, we chose a subdued cool gray. " Preeti Menon

"My best friend gifted this to me. And it was nice but I didn't fall in love with it. I kept it away for awhile only to come to it one day with half of it broken and dismantled. I pried away the loose parts and waalaah! It turned into an old grandpa clock with a happily swaying pendulum!"

She along with my brother were most excited when I went to the U.S. and we went happily shopping to many gorgeous stores which I will blog about as soon as I can.
Do check her blog againbeborn and her baby food blog "Mama make it Fresh"

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