Aarohi Singh and 3 gorgeous Give-aways :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

These days I feel I'm on a roller coaster with the wheels firmly tied to my feet. Can I untie them? No. That settled, I will not debate & waste energy, I'll just go with it - sweeeee... Opening the next post of the Artnlight Anniversary Celebrations is none other than Aarohi Singh. She of the blazing heart and bold colour. When i set eyes on these pictures of her, I begged her to have them for this post. Nothing is more apt. These pictures of Aarohi with the painting that she created for Good Homes are such a reflection of the way Aarohi is & lives. Red for heart and action, Yellow for intelligence and light and a pair of piercing intuitive eyes that see things that most miss.

  Aarohi is generous. In her speech, in the way she lives, in the way she is there for you when you need a kind word, and so it should come as no surprise that instead of 1, she wants to do 3 giveaways :) And to win it you have to state your order of love. I purposely replaced the word 'preference' because you can't 'prefer' one of these over the other. It is a matter of love.

 Give Away 1 - A set of 4 elegant black and white illustrations Aarohi made of Kaajal.
 Give Away 2: This GORGEOUS set of Lotus coasters
Give Away 3 - A print of the famous 'Nimbu Mirchi' painting by Aarohi.

 So yes there will be 3 winners :)

And this is what you do to win the give-away:
  1. Like the 'Art by Aarohi' fb page and leave a comment there saying which giveaway you want and why. In case you want to be eligible for more than one give-away, please leave separate comments for each give-away and why.
  2. Leave a similar comment here, stating which one you love/want the most and why.
  3. And this give-away closes on 6th of October. So make sure you have commented before that.
And because we can't have tea together, and because we didn't click a picture together when we actually met for tea,  here's us sharing a virtual cup. Head over to Aarohi's blog to say hi to a pic of me with a mug of tea :) And comment away to win your free give aways :) :)

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