Munnar, summer 08

Friday, March 27, 2009

These pictures are almost a year old. Summer. Bright, bright sunshine, blue skies and unquenchable thirst. I am a Keralite and like it happens to so many people, I've never really seen Kerala the way my friends have. Kerala is home & when I go there I spend time with my folks & I'm back. That's it. But this trip was a bit different. A bunchof us from home headed to Munnar and we stayed at the Club Mahindra Munnar Resort. It was a beautiful piece of property in a beautiful place. While one part of the family took the car and headed out, my brother & me trekked down to the river through the tea estates. Will take you along a bit of our route through this picture trail.

On our drive towards the Resort. We stopped for refreshments & I found this kitschy signage.

The resort was well maintained and lush. I loved this view from the foyer. Open blue skies edged with the hills.
The dining room has beautiful views into the valley and the resort.
The dining hall seen from below
The porch of the Club Mahindra Munnar Resort
Benches to sit on to drink in the view
We set out on our trek. I see this signage which has worn so beautifully & lets the sun through.
I found these trees interesting- the way the branches split open to form a 'v' almost.

We are getting rather close to the river. Its been almost 2 hours since we've set out.
at the river. and graffitti on a red wall
We sat for a bit with our feet in the water. My brother swam while I listened to some music :)
And here is where our trek gets interesting. My brother asks these boat men: what's on the other shore? Is there a hotel there? will they take us? There is no hotel but they agree to take us. We ask permission to row the boat in turns.
we get off the shore to see these little handmade huts across the shore
And we trek across the hills back to the Resort
Its a long and winding path through the hills
Enroute we see this temple & I love it for its brightly painted grills and walls
The grill design sports a goddess on a lotus
Its been a while since I've met my brother & its time we planned something- a quick getaway or a short trek. He is my cousin & lives in another city. But we are really close. My partner in crime & travel :)

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