Chai pilgrimage, Jenny & Patrick Shaw

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lovers of Chai (Tea), India, Indian gods & art, meet Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw and Patrick Shaw. They love chai so much they call it a pilgrimage & are collaborating on their book 'chai pilgrimage which is due in fall 2009. Most of you must be familiar with their straight-from-the- heart blog chai pilgrimage. And if you are a city rat like me, you just feel like packing your bags and heading to Varansi or Benaras & sampling the chai there & taking a dip in the ganges. I mean, what kind of a life is this- go to work every morning & come back home at night? (Ignore my ranting) Jenny is a freelance illustrator, children's book author & painter. And Patrick is a therapeutic bodyworker and ayurvedic teacher. And together they make the following magic.

A quick description/illustration of tea

Chai wallah!check out these beautiful hand drawn chai recipes. I loved the paper and how it is aged and stained.
This is the kind of work that completely *heart*
Their love & respect for Indian culture is apparent in these illustrations.

Aren't these temple drawings the most charming things ever!

The 'tea Deva' or the tea god :) When I saw this for the 1st time my face just split into a grin- what a thought :) And I love the whole kitschy label packaging design feel. Beautiful ganesha illustrations. this one is an archival print you can buy.
From Jenny's sketchbook.
I haven't seen a cuter Hanuman illustration. He's been appearing on this blog, two posts in a row :) hmmm...
And in Jenny's Dancing Elephant studio (what a neat name) you will find all manner of
Gorgeous ilustrations

Love Jenny's style And this alphabet chart is a must have for every tiny globe trotter in the making. You can buy it from here.

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