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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There is a quality of whimsy and fantasy in all of Savia Mahajan's work. I have been looking at her website & drooling on the pics for many months now & today morning I finally picked up the phone & met the person. Savia feels for beauty & every word she spoke just attested to that one fact. As does each piece of her work. "There is so much chaos & materialism around us & each day we are bombarded with so much negativity, that somewhere we miss out on the beauty that lives in the small & simple things in our life, like the beauty of a dragonfly. My work is an attempt at capturing that beauty & in a way restoring it for people to see."

This is the main page of her website, just look at the each of the elements & how beautifully & intricately & crazily it comes together. There is so much love in this picture. (Do click on this picture to see it all its glorious detail. )
She plays with colour and pattern......And nature & its elements are beautifully captured

I love her sense of colour & design

Check that headdress with the waxing & waning moon

Peacock feather motifs

Dots as pattern, she has just had so much fun!

Love the neutral muted colours on this one

Savia Mahajan's beautiful womenThere is a world of detailing in each painting. And as Savia puts it "You look at a painting in your home & its beauty should grown on you."
Savia was great to speak with and has infectious energy. And she has some amazing projects that are coming up including a book and 2 series of paintings she is working on. I'll be sure to write about them when they happen :)

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