Sophie Adde

Thursday, June 07, 2012

I 1st saw Sophie Adde's colour saturated work on Pinterest. That place provides constant fodder to my visual curiousity and endless appetite for beauty. So, Sophie Adde, with 1 click I saw her website filled with her amazing art. But no text. And any text that was there was on the contact page, a few lines in French, a language I don't understand. Who was Sophie Adde, how did she create art so full of colour and infused with the spirit of the people and places she clearly travelled to. After repeated searches, i found a few blogs that had featured her work, and even on those blogs, no information about her other than that she was french. But I was not about to give up. I searched again, dug deeper till I saw a blogger profile that said Sophie Adde. I clicked & sure enough, it was her. But in French :) And she is not a woman of many words, no. I used the Google translater, went through all her posts to discover an interview of her in French again, translated it. And it gave me answers to a few questions in my mind. 
I learnt that she studied art and worked as a textile designer before becoming a full time painter 2 years ago. That she is an avid traveller is evident from her work - I was hoping for some pictures of her travel from India, but I was not to get that lucky. In the interview she mentions that she has a habit of brining back Newspapers of the places she has travelled to and using that as a background to her paintings. That for me explained the beautiful traces of Tamil & Malayalam & oriental type that I see peeping out of her paintings. 

 On Sophie Adde's website her paintings are categorised into Africa, Asia, Orient and it is beautiful to see how she has captured the spirit of each of these parts of the world in her work, be it colours, the prints or the subjects-symbols she chooses to use in each piece

All the digging bore fruit and I have these pictures of the artist in her space to share with you. 

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