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Thursday, June 07, 2012

I met Supriya Kejriwal last year at the IMC Diwali Exhibition, she had the stall right opposite mine & because we were both busy selling, we hardly had time to catch up with each other. On day 2, it was way past lunch time & I had not had the time to step out and grab a bite. So she came over with her lunch of apples & roti rolls and we shared it. I was seeing that she had these really cool paper products & stationery, had displayed them beautifully and these were the kind of products that I had not seen in the Indian context or even seen made here ever before. This was seriously international. great quality, great design. At the end of the exhibition I bought these Gilt Edged Notepads that I fell in live with from her stall which was called 61c.
Then we went our separate ways, I knew I wanted to blog about 61c & last week she contacted me with these stunning visuals of their new *PANCHATANTRA* Collection. Presenting 61c & a little interview with Supriya Kejriwal.

And at this post has a FREE GIVEAWAY!! Details at the end of the post!

Artnlight: Where did the 61c dream start?
61c: 61c was the number of a bus in college which took you to 'squirrel hill', a quaint neighbourhood full of coffee shops and book shops. here is where i enjoyed some of the best times and dreamt of having a shop, full of beautiful and irresistable stationery. hence! the name 61c and the squirrel in the logo

Artnlight: What led you & the founders of the company to decide that you will be a stationery brand and will make paper products?
61c: There were two things that led us into stationery. We felt there was a gap in the market, the quality and design of stationery available locally was not at par with international stationery. Moreover, the few places that sold imported stationery were prohibitively expensive. 
Being a printing press with a creative mind, there are always new ideas, experiments and developments happening. We would create a lot of exciting samples as trial runs or prototypes. We'd end up sharing them with friends and family and enjoyed seeing them use it. All of this led to what is us today.
 I bought this as a giftsfor close friends. They love it! Nice thick great quality paper to write on. Conversation starters in meetings for sure!

Artnlight: Your products have a seriously international feel to it. Do you think India is a very active market for great stationery/paper products. Do you think it is getting better with people's taste evolving?
 61c:Thanks for noticing! One of our pet peeves was that when one travels abroad you get such lovely stationery, however options back home were so limited to ethnic or kitsch. We have ensured that in terms of paper stock, quality and finishing details and design aesthetic, we match the highest international standards. We think Indians are more concious consumers of lifestyle products today than say 10 years ago.
Artnlight: Do you export? Is that part of the plan?
61c: There are stationery lovers all over the world and we would love to reach out to them. Currently international buyers can shop online at our website: www.61c.in. We are also in talks with several retailers internationally.

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