Star Fruit crush

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

These arrived with mom, from Kerala, I'm sure we get them here(in Bombay), but you know how it is in Indian families, whatever which ever faction of the family discovers 1st, it is quickly dispatched across the rest of the family, parcelled with love and firmness :) so mangoes, a certain type of lime to be pickled and rice come from Kerala and Pav (yes, of the vada pav & pav bhaji fame), fabric of all sorts & even school uniforms (!) are bought from here & sent to my cousins. This might stump my generation but is perfectly logical to the previous one. But that's not the point, the point is I'm smitten by the latest arrival. Star Fruit!! I had never seen it up close, leave alone sampled it. Everything from the way it looks whole, to the way it looks sliced to the way it tastes has me fascinated. I'm sure a whole load of you have grown up with it, and have long outgrown it. But this is new to me. Kindly indulge my childish wonder.

I promise my next post will be sane & adult :)

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