1st ever ART'N'LIGHT Clearance Sale at Loose Ends

Friday, June 01, 2012

The 1st ever Art'n'light Clearance Sale will start tomorrow at 11.am at the Loose Ends Store, Bandra. My association with Loose Ends is a special one. I have always felt connected to Madhumita Goswami and trusted her innately. She is one of the 1st people to contact me to retail my products & ever since, its really been great working with her.
This is very different exhibition and many 1sts for me - the1st exhibition I will have at a store, the 1st time I am alone & not with many many exhibitors and the 1st time I'm holding a discount & clearance sale. I decided to have it because there were many pieces that were accumulating with a spot here & a chip there that I was reluctant to send to my retailers or sell them myself at my exhibitions. Also the finish of my products when I started was different than it is now. And I could never get myself to sell both at the same place. Thats when I figured that I could sell them at a discount. I'm very curious to see how it all goes. Will people come? In so many ways I feel this weekend will be a reality check for me. In a way every exhibition is, but more so this one. 
Many pieces of wall art from my 1st exhibition will be there. So that is special. Many pieces which I have never carried to any other exhibition will be there. Like my photography framed, or some of my designs framed & my one off experiments like this little photoframe here.

 I'm still not very sure I actually want to sell this piece. It hung on my office walls after I quit my job 2 years, before I moved into my new larger workshop. It is special for me & in a weird kind of way, I will be happy if it doesn't get sold. Its up for sale because, because who knows if it is meant to go to someone else? Its a possibility I must be open to.

Do treat this as a personal invitation & do drop by. I will be there, it will be great fun to meet up :)

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