Bhairon Vilas, Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Down the memory lane & into my Rajasthan trip archives. In Bikaner we stayed at this grungy old world heritage Haveli called the Bhairon Vilas.We reached this place at some ridiculous hour at midnight and walked straight into the bedroom we had booked for the night. This leg of the journey was to be short, we were to set off the next day to Jaisalmer. So we walked in with eyes not quite wide open & quite tired into the bedroom and our eyes widened, and widened... what was this?? One look towards the moth eaten old fabric draped near the headboards and we cracked up!!! This bedroom certainly had a lot of charachter. In anycase we were seriously tired & this wore down the shock of the room quicker than we imagined.

 We woke up, stepped out for breakfast & and what we saw really charmed us. Bharon Vilas had more going for it than the interesting bedroom we found ourselves in, we had a nice breakfast with a musician playing live for us. And this place was gorgeous, without wasting words, see for yourself the unintentionally funny bedroom & lots of sunlit Rajasthani beauty. Bhairon Vilas was a brilliant mix of grunge, quiet charm & dramatic stunning.


It feels good to be back here. I really miss blogging when I don't manage to make time for it. How have you guys been? I'd love to heat whats been happening at your end :) and what is it that you wish you could make more time for?

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